Wedding Update – The Colour Reveal


I cannot believe the weather today! I know we’ve been experiencing a mild winter this year but it was 15C today!!! I can’t wait until this is a normal thing again!

Breakfast was some Red River Cereal with half a banana, chia seeds and one tablespoon of peanut butter!


(By the way, I left my camera at my parents so you’ll have to put up with my iPhone for a few weeks!)

Today was a busy one so instead of doing both a cardio and a strength session I just did Push Circuit 2 from ChaLEAN Extreme in between coaching calls. Although I’ve been using heavier weights these last few weeks I do wish I had a wider choice in weights but I’ll have to make due until after the wedding I think!

Lunch was a black bean burger with feta, mustard and BBQ sauce with some baby carrots and a slice of bread with p.b.


This afternoon saw me hunched over the laptop until my eyes were buggy and I couldn’t take it anymore so around 3pm I took a break to have a boiled egg and Alan and I went out to enjoy the fantastic weather with a walk to Starbucks for a grande skinny caramel macchiato (holy cow, say that five times fast!).

Dinner almost didn’t happen. I wasn’t in the mood to cook but I remembered that there were perfectly good veggies in the fridge that needed to be used so I whipped up this super yummy veggie bowl!


It contained:

  • 1c cooked quinoa
  • 1c edamame
  • 1/2 yellow pepper
  • 1 shallot
  • 2 small heads of broccoli
  • 2tbsp julienned sun dried tomatoes
  • 2tbsp light feta

I cooked the quinoa separately and cooked everything but the feta in 2tsp of coconut oil, adding the quinoa in at the end. It was really quite tasty and filled me!

Wedding Update

So it’s been a while since I talked about the wedding, hasn’t it? I can’t believe it but I realized the other day that I only have 7 months left! Holy shmoly! Where the hell did the time go?! I promise to give weekly updates from now on. I won’t give everything away (we have a few tricks up our sleeve) but I will fill you in on the fun stuff!

So far we have the location for both the ceremony and reception chosen (it’s the same place), our caterer has been chosen as well as a possible menu, we have our florist and photographer (both using amazing deals on a deal-of-the-day site) and we bought our rings already! We went in just to look but walked out buying them so they’re tucked away in a safe place but I have to admit, I’ve already worn it twice… I can’t help it! It’s sooo beautiful!

So after all that talk, I know I should leave you on a wedding high note. The colours!!! We’re having a slight movie theme to the wedding and want to utilize those white and red old fashioned popcorn boxes but we don’t want to make it look cheesy so I’ve decided on this colour palate:

We have a Tiffany blue, light aqua, white and red! I love the boldness of it! The red is really going to be a slight accent colour with the Tiffany Blue and white being the main colours.

Our goal for March is to book our officiant and find a bakery to do our cupcakes (we’ve decided on cupcakes instead of a traditional cake).

These next 7 months are going to absolutely fly by!