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May 4th, 2010

Sushi & Salad

Hey there everybody (or, all two of you for now at least)! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog! Please bare with me as I get things sorted out, fixed up, decorated and tweaked! I’m still learning the ins and outs of WordPress. I know this will be an ongoing experiment so I’d love some tips and tricks on using it!

There’ll be plenty of time to really get to know me (and feel free to check out my “About Me!” page for more info on why this blog exists) but for now I’ll give a quick rundown and then on to some food!

My name is Therese and I’m a 30 year old woman living and working in Toronto, Canada. I work in administration for a manufacturing company and have gone back to school this year to finish my Psychology degree that I started to get almost a decade ago but never did (I graduated, but I did not declare a major). I live in a great area of the city (The Danforth) with my boyfriend where there happens to be more Greek restaurants than in all of Greece, I’m sure!

Over the last three years I have completely changed my life. From where I once was 250 lbs, unhappy, unmotivated, afraid of life in general, I am now 90 lbs lighter, happier than I’ve ever been, comfortable in my own skin yet always striving to be the best I can be and crave new experiences. This blog, in part, is to share not only my newfound love of the benefits of living a healthy life but to show that eating right and exercising can be fun. Also, with a little bit of determination and a reason, you an achieve anything you want!

Tonight, I desperately wanted dinner. The problem? The Boyfriend and I are in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store! Our solution? We both raided the fridge and got a little creative!

My contribution? Sushi!

A few months back Alan (my boyfriend) and I decided that we wanted to try our hands at sushi. It’s hard for me to believe I’ve never made sushi before seeing as I LOVE sushi (although, since becoming vegetarian I don’t eat it as much) AND I used to live in Japan! But for Christmas Alan received a bunch of Asian cookware (and a sushi kit from myself) so we decided to give it a go. Our first attempt made some funny looking pieces of sushi!

But we kept trying and I must say, I did a pretty decent roll job this evening!

I added slivers of carrot, cucumber and yellow pepper.

The problem? No protein!!!

Alan had the solution!

I’ve dubbed this “Kitchen Sink Bean Salad” as Alan added everything but the kitchen sink to it. He took a can of mixed beans, drained it and then added it to a bowl with some leftover bruschetta, salsa, red onion and yellow pepper. It wasn’t too bad at all!

We ate our random combination of dinner while watching an episode of Lost (we’ve been watching the DVDs and are now on the current season but NOT up to date so don’t say anything!).

Now it’s time to get some studying in before bedtime!