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August 20th, 2010

Canada’s Wonderland & Feel The Fear Friday

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! For a “staycation” it sure seems to have just flown by!

Mostly I’ve been tidying up around the house, gardening, reading and relaxing. But on Wednesday, seeing as Alan also had the day off, we decided to go out and have some fun! We headed out to Canada’s Wonderland for a day of overpriced amusement!

I hadn’t been to Wonderland in about three years and Alan hadn’t been in about a decade!

I’m a huge fan of amusement parks and am a big rollercoaster fan! On this trip I especially wanted to introduce Alan to the Behemoth

This sucker is awesome! It actually drops you at a 75 degree angle and you quite literally cannot see the drop so it’s just like you get to the top and then BAM! down you go at approx. 125km per hour! Seriously a great ride!

Then we proceeded to wait for an absurd amount of time at three other rides and that’s when we realized that we’re too old, cranky and impatient to wait for a ride so after we finally got through a few others we broke for an extremely expensive and unhealthy lunch!

We shared a veggie pizza (about two slices each) and an order of onion rings. That plus two drinks came to $23!!! I almost died…I also realized that for such a touristy location, there were extremely few veggie options and they were NOT easy to find. Is it really that difficult to keep a few veggie burgers with all the other burger stands?! Alan made a face out of protest.

Anyhow…After we waited in line for over an hour to go on another rollercoaster we had had enough and decided that we would just suss out the other rides for wait time and Alan got it into himself that we had to play mini-putt, so that’s what we did!

Honestly? Mini putt was the most fun we had all day there! We’re such Grandparents! We played 18 holes and in typical fashion for us, we kept surging ahead by only 1-3 points at a time!

But, of course, I won the final game. But we were only off by two points! We have a funny habit of being so close in points in most games. We truly are each others’ equals!

However, one of the reasons I was super excited for this trip was for funnel cake!!! I LOVE funnel cake but only allow myself to have it once a year. Wednesday was the day!

Sadly the sun was so bright that I couldn’t get a good picture but you get the idea! A disgustingly large amount of fried dough topped with a ginormous helping of vanilla soft serve and syrupy strawberries!

It was disgusting. Obviously.

Albeit all the waiting we did and the clogged arteries we walked away with it was so much fun to get out and be kids again!

Feel The Fear Fridays

Starting today we’re going to play a little game every Friday! One of the biggest changes for me in to becoming more confident in myself is that I face my fears head on instead of hiding behind them. I realized just how fearful I was while reading the book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. This book made me realize that my fears were holding back any chance of success I had and that it’s okay to take risks in life and it also taught me that there are no wrong decisions! After reading this book I quit my job, put my notice in on my apartment and moved to the city to make my life better. Now any time I realize I’m fearful of something I try to face it out of spite. Fear holds us back, facing fears gives us the confidence to break out of our self-induced bubble and stretches our limits. By busting through our fears we find out what we’re capable of.

My quest for you, dear friends, is to identify one thing a week that scares you and do it anyway! Then come back here and share your story! I’ll be doing this as well so you’ll have a support system and find out different ways to tackle your fears. It can be as big as quitting a job you hate or as small as asking for a substitution in your meal. Whatever breaks you free and builds your confidence is enough!

For example. Last Friday I did something I never did before and I had realized that, as silly as it sounds, I was afraid to do it! You know what it was?

Yup! Mowing the lawn! Do you know I’ve never mowed the lawn before?! When I was younger it was because that’s what the guys did and then afterwards I just never had the opportunity! But on Friday I was deep into some yardwork and I lamented to myself about how long the grass was but realized Alan wasn’t going to have time to do it for at least a week! That’s when I took a deep breath and told myself that I’d have to figure out how to do it as it would be ridiculous for me to just wait for him to do it when I was officially on vacation with plenty of time!

I don’t know why I was afraid to do it but I was. Maybe it was because it dealt with blades and I had no idea how to turn the darned thing on but I was a bit scared! I went into the shed and hauled the thing out. I knew it was electric so I had to plug it in which I found easily enough.

Then I faced the beast and said: “I will defeat you, oh lawnmower, I will defeat you.” And then low and behold I found some handle that said to pull it and keep hold on it. So I did and the lawnmower roared to life and I was off!

Twenty minutes later the lawn was given quite the nice hair cut and I was overjoyed that I tackled that fear head on!

I was seriously a little too proud of myself and when Alan called I immediately spilled the beans in excitement. He was proud and I told him that by no means did that mean he’s fired from the lawn cutting job.

For us to grow as individuals we have to consistently break out of our comfort zone. By staying within our comfort zone we never stretch ourselves and we never know what we are able to do.

I challenge you to do one thing a week that frightens you!

Can you tell me a time where you did something that frightened you? How did it make you feel? What is something that frightens you that you would like to conquer and defeat?