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March 5th, 2012

No More Manic Mondays

Since I started working from home, Mondays aren’t nearly as much of a pain as they used to be. I love sitting down and booting up the computer with a giant mug of coffee in hand and reading the morning news!

Breakfast was the last of the oatmeal you’ll see for a while as I decided to spice things up a bit and buy some Red River Cereal instead! The oats’ season finale contained half a banana, half a cup if soy milk, half a cup if water and one tablespoon of peanut butter!


My workout for the day was another short interval run (in -12 degree weather no less) followed up with ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1. I bought a pair of 9lb weights last week so my arms are really getting a great workout these days! Can’t wait to get up to 12 lbs!

After my workout I lunched on a Green Monster and some toast with raspberry jam. The downside is the god-awful sound my blender made while I was making my smoothie! It’s been leaking lately and although Alan tightened it already it’s just getting worse so I think we’re going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new one!


I got a bunch of work done in the afternoon and snacked on some grapes and two boiled eggs while finishing up my personal training textbook. The plan is to give it a read-through and then go back over it, chapter by chapter, making study notes as I go.

Dinner was a naked black bean burger topped with a slice of provolone with mustard and BBQ sauce (Bullseye – my favourite!). I had a salad and some carrots on the side.


Alan’s working late this evening so I take advantage of these evenings to be a total girl so I’m having a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon! Don’t spoil anything for me, I only just started season 2!

February 28th, 2012

A Typical Day In My Neighbourhoo

Today was one of those days that started off busy and then cooled down as the time wore on.

I woke up early for our grocery delivery (LOVE not having to worry about that errand), and made a bowl if oats with p.b. that I devoured before taking a photo (oops!) and then I immediately had a coaching call!

Knowing my schedule would be out if whack today I did my workout directly after my call. I did CHaLEAN Extreme’s Burn It Off cardio drills followed by 20 minutes of Extreme Abs. I love Burn It Off as it’s short but intense!

I was starving after my workout so I snacked on a vanilla yogurt cup.

I love Olympic greek-style yogurt! It’s sooo creamy! The downside is that it’s Greek style yogurt and not actual Greek yogurt.

Lunch was a Green Monster!


I had a very focused afternoon but then one small phone call took my mojo away so I had some almonds and relaxed for a bit.


Alan and I decided to get out and stretch our legs so we took a nice walk to Starbucks for an unpictured skinny cafe mocha and half a chocolate chip cookie. Remind me not to have that cookie again, it was actually quite tasteless! Give me an oat bar any day!

Dinner was quick and easy as I had planned for guests but plans fell through so a simple salad with dried cranberries and grilled cheese with light provolone was had!


It was a typical day in my neighbourhood today!