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July 23rd, 2010

Bizarro World

What a WEEK! I survived my presentation and although I still have a project and my actual proposal still due, I’m basically coasting through the next week. I wasn’t nervous for my presentation, the stress was that the presentation essentially forced us to have the majority of our research proposal all figured out, two weeks before it’s actually due! So I had to put my nose down this week and get through it, I even spent two hours working on it on my birthday! :(

But today? Today I feel FREE!!! The stress has melted away and I feel like a new woman! I’m taking the evening off from school work and will pick up again tomorrow, my goal is to have all my projects done by the end of next week, regardless of due date so that I can enjoy six full weeks of freedom!

Breakfast was a quick one, I overslept again (I admit, sleep has trumped exercise since TUESDAY!!!) so I just threw together some yogurt and fixin’s.

  • 3/4c strawberry yogurt
  • 1/2 scoop whey protein powder (yogurt wasn’t greek, I wanted more protein)
  • 1tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/3c rolled oats
  • handful of Kashi crunch
  • 1/2 a squishy banana

It hit the spot!

Friday afternoons at work during the summer are sooooo boring. I spent almost the entire afternoon trying to find stuff to do and spent a large amount of time on the internet and even composing this post! I sent Alan a text to see about dinner (and to amuse myself) and apparently he was at the grocery store and had already decided on dinner!!!! I admit that although I LOVE to cook, I also LOVE not having to worry about it! I decided to pick up a couple of bottles of wine to go with whatever dinner we were having, I got a variety to choose from (the dangers of havingĀ  your bus stop located right beside a wine store!):

How did we pair the wine? Well! This was dinner!

Alan made us a side salad with portobello mushrooms and slice strawberries with tofu nuggets! He made them himself and they were good! He got them off of a website so I’ll grab it for ya’s! They were mighty tasty and we dipped them in some plum sauce!

So good that I just polished off the final three that were left…

So we decided that since we were having tofu nuggets, therefore something lighter, we’d go with Pinot Grigio! It paired great! Good call on our part!


I have a freaky story to share with you!

Last night I seriously felt as if I had entered a science fiction movie!

I normally get to class about 40 minutes before class begins (it’s when my bus arrives as I leave straight from work), so normally I’ll grab dinner and head to the classroom and sit in silence for about twenty minutes when the rest of the class starts showing up. So last night I do just that, I grab dinner (babaganoush pita from Pita Pit – yum! and a bottle of water) and head to my classroom. I get there, walk into the class, think it’s weird that there are a lot of people in there and then notice I don’t recognize any of them! So I walk back out and recheck the room number. It was, indeed, MY classroom number. In confusion I go to take a walk. Perhaps they were just wrapping up or something (even though there weren’t any other classes scheduled at that time). I round a corner and come across a classmate! Good! She sees me and sighs with relief and then proceeds to tell me that she went into that room, noticed the strange people and asked what was going on. The students tell her, as if she’s crazy, that they’ve had class on Thursdays at 7pm in that classroom since MAY!!!!!!!! She tells them that’s impossible because HER class has been having class in that very room every Thursday at 7pm since the end of JUNE (with the exception of ONE Thursday as we were in a computer lab)! I’m dumbfounded at this point. What’s going on?!?! So we head back to that classroom again and by then other fellow classmates are showing up and getting equally as confused and so are these other, imposter, students. We just look at eachother like idiots. This is impossible! How can two groups of people be in the same room, at the same time and not notice?! It’s like we stumbled into some strange parallel dimension! Something out of a movie! Finally both of our profs show up and both were just as dumbfounded. I think I had to actually pick my profs jaw up from off the floor at one point.

After much talk about class schedules we finally realize that the imposter class was slightly exagerrating. Yes, they’ve been in that room on Thursdays since May but there were a couple of weeks when they weren’t in that classroom. Somehow, some way, we managed to evade eachother for the past FIVE WEEKS without realizing that the classroom had been double-booked! Isn’t that WEIRD?!?!?!

I LOVE that this happened to me! Ha ha ha It makes life so much more interesting!

What’s the weirdest thing to have happened to you so far?

Another strange story (I like to think it was fate) was on my first day working at my school in Japan (I taught English for 15 months) I met a fellow teacher who also started that day and was born and raised in Japan but at one point, LIVED in my hometown (population 18,000)!!! She even brought in her yearbook at one point (would’ve been weirder if we went to the same school as we’re the same age)! Whoa…

July 22nd, 2010

My Birthday (In Pictures)

Slowly going crazy here. Presentation tonight, will be back blogging possibly later tonight or tomorrow! Eek! Wish me luck!

Yesterday was my 31st birthday! Here’s the celebration food!