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August 19th, 2011

And The Verdict Is…

Since I sprained my toe last Saturday I’ve been extra careful due to A Midsummer Nights Run 30k I was supposed to run tomorrow. I’ve done nothing more than walking for exercise, icing it, resting it and just generally over exaggerating the problem so that it would heal up faster.


(Midsummer Nights Run 2010 with my buddy Mandy)

This morning was my first run in a week. I wanted to give it a bit of a test to gauge whether or not I could/should run the race tomorrow.

The verdict?

My race is done.


I just went for a short 3k or so (I didn’t bring my Garmin) around the neighbourhood. My toe was fine in my running shoes (I’ve only been wearing flip flops all week) and, for the most part, my run was fine. Hills were a bit painful but there are no hills on the course but I still was aware of the tenderness around my toe. In the end I decided that if the race was a 5k or possibly even a 10k, I’d be able to do it no problem. But 30k? I’d be out for about four hours and already after my long runs the tops of my toes are tender and my feet swell up in my running shoes which would constrict my already still swollen toe. I have no idea what four hours of running will do to impact the sprain and, frankly, I don’t want to chance it. So I decided to not run it.

This is my first race that I’ve had to cancel and it’s extra bittersweet because of my decision to hang up my Garmin after this race until at least 2013 so I can focus on other things for a while. But also, for the first time in my racing “career” my heart has not been into this race. I was super excited to run it since I ran the 15k last year and up until I started training it was all I could think about but once I did start training, I just never had a week where I was excited to get out there which is vastly different from my half marathon training last year. I could say it was the ridiculous humidity in July but I’ve been feeling this way since I started training in the spring. Normally the week of a race I have that awesome nervous/excited mix of emotions but for this one? The best word I could use to describe it is “meh”.

That says a lot.

Am I disappointed that I can’t run the race tomorrow? Sure. But I’m more disappointed that I just haven’t been listening to myself so I do believe it’s almost like Fate stepped in to tell me to stop and so I’m listening. I’ve known during this entire training that I wasn’t as into it as I thought I’d be and I didn’t listen, instead I half-assed my training and didn’t take any joy in it so that’s that. If I don’t want to do a race, regardless of if I paid for it already, I’m not going to do it. I know the difference between typical race day nervousness and just not wanting to do it.

So now a new chapter begins! I still have a couple of races in mind over the next year and a bit and perhaps I’ll run A Midsummer Nights Run 15k next year but I’ll be doing mostly 5-10ks and just having fun with it!

Next up? The Oasis Zoo Run 10k at the end of September! I’ve been wanting to run this race for a few years now so I can’t wait to run and gawk at all the animals!!!

Have you ever had to cancel out on a race? How did you get through it?

August 15th, 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

We have our first wedding venue booked for a showing on Wednesday! I’ll wait until after the showing to give info and show some photos but it’s an old 19th century schoolhouse in Corktown and is one of the first venues I found actually. When looking at venues we’ve been pretty keen on its “personality”, we want a place that has a bit of charm or personality of its own. Although halls are cheaper, they tend to be void of character and so you wind up spending a lot of money on making it look nice, we want a place with a character of its own so we can play that up with minimal decor so we decided we didn’t mind spending a bit more money on a cool venue. Plus, we both want this wedding to be fun and unique! Already we have some ideas up our sleeves that I can’t wait to divulge as the months go on!

The Bad

I’m seriously disturbed at the cost of domestic flights here in Canada. It is seriously cheaper to fly from Toronto to L.A. than it is to fly to British Columbia and it’s really a shame. I know a lot of people who want to travel more throughout Canada but just can’t bloody well afford to! Going through the cheapest place we could, it still cost Alan and I close to $1,300 to fly to Victoria (and this is before taxes!). Thankfully we’re staying with family so we’re cutting costs there but jeepers! Really?! Why? There’s no reason for this.

The Ugly (not for the squeamish)

So, on Saturday Alan and I decided to run some errands and go out for lunch before booking said expensive flight when I did something inexplicable. I tripped on a curb. A concrete curb. I was wearing sandals. It hurt. At first, it wasn’t like a searing pain, more like a dull pain. I still managed to walk to the subway, all the while checking my feet to see if I did any damage. I noticed my fourth toe on my right foot was a teensy bit bloody below the nail but that was about it.

By the time we got to our subway stop (only two stops away), I got such a wave of nausea that I had to find the nearest trash can and simultaneously got so light-headed that I feared blacking out AND being sick at the same time. Luckily I managed to cling to Alan and take some deep breaths, all the while sweating like a mad woman. I knew that I was in need of food and, what with my low blood pressure and all, figured the light headedness could be contributed more to that so I managed to make my way to the closest restaurant possible and the waitress gave me a giant bag of ice. By then the nausea had passed and I was just starving.

By the time we booked our flight, I said goodbye to Alan (he was on his way to work) and got home to more ice and some Motrin, my toe had doubled in size. It now looks like this:


Ugh. I know. I ended up going to the walk-in first thing yesterday morning just to rule out a fracture so I had an x-ray this morning and, luckily, it’s just turned out to be a sprain and not something worse.

There’s one problem, though. My big 30k race? The one I’ve been training for for three months and thinking about for a year now? It’s this coming Saturday.


Right now I can walk on it lightly as walking doesn’t use that toe as much but running requires a different motion from the foot, my toes propel me forward. Right now, running is a no-go. The doctor never gave me any specifics but you really can’t with something like this, as long as I’m doing what I should be doing (RICE-ing), it could take any manner of days to heal up, whether it be a couple of days or weeks.

This means my race, as of today, is up in the air. My new plan of action is to wait until Friday, nursing it in the meantime. On Friday I’ll attempt to put on a pair of running shoes. If I can do so without any pain, I’ll try for a light run with the aim of a short 3k. If I can run without any pain, I’ll do the race. If I’m in any pain at all, I’m going to have to axe it. I know how my toes feel after my long runs and it’s never very pretty, they’re usually quite sore for a couple of hours afterwards and I end up wearing sandals or slippers for the rest of the day just to let them breathe. It’s not the toe-box of my shoes or anything, it’s just the constant pressure being placed on them so I can just imagine what I’d do to my poor toe to run for a good four hours when it’s not quite healed yet.

It sucks, for sure. I’ve trained damned hard for this race. It’s frankly been the hardest race I’ve ever trained for but I got into running to get healthy, not to be stupid. I will never sacrifice my body for a race, running isn’t that important to me, my physical health, is.

So we’ll see what happens on Friday!