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April 4th, 2011

Pipes Challenge – Week #3

Freedom is just a few days away, my friends! I survived last week handing in one major paper followed by a poster presentation and I have my last paper due on Thursday and that’s that until the end of June! I booked Friday off as a reward so I’ll have three beautiful days off. Of course, I do realize I’ll probably just clean the house…you know you’re getting old when all you can think about is giving the house a good and proper clean!


 Pipes Challenge – Week# 3


If there’s one thing I’ve learned since deciding to go back to school it’s how to prioritize. Sometimes a dirty floor or missed workout has to happen so you can finish an important paper or even to just unwind after a week of hard work. So it’s no surprise that my Pipes Challenge was also thrown to the curb last week as I had to prioritize and not allow myself to get overwhelmed so that I could focus on finishing school.

I did my upper body work only once last week and I even skipped out on Saturday’s full body workout! As much as it sucks I know I had to do it for sanity’s sake. This week, however, it’s game on! Even though I still have one more paper to do I don’t have much to do on it and I’m not overly stressed and have my plan ready so my workouts are a go and will help me to clear my mind and energize my body to focus on finishing it up!

That being said, the first three weeks of the Pipes Challenge have been, well, “meh” is the only word I can use to describe it. I just don’t feel like the video is doing enough for these arms. Of course, it’s only been three weeks and I can’t expect a lot of improvement in such a short period of time. But I do feel like I could put a little more “oomph” into this challenge as I do want to do well!

Don’t you worry though. I have a plan.


This woman is going to bootcamp!

I am honoured to have been asked by the buff chicks at FIT CHICKS to participate in their famous bootcamp sessions here in Toronto! Starting a week tomorrow (April 12th) I’ll be getting my ass kicked, twice a week, for eight weeks!

I’ll tell you up front that I’m more than a little nervous about this! I’ve never participated in a bootcamp workout and certainly don’t do bootcamps when other people are in the room! It just reminds me a lot like high school gym class and I was totally that overweight girl that sat on the sidelines or half-assed it because she was too embarrassed to be there. In fact, when I was initially given this bootcamp opportunity my gut reaction was not of excitment but of terror. I guess that little overweight girl still resides beneath this confident, runner’s exterior and I was, quite frankly, a little shocked by her re-emergence! But then I stopped and reminded myself of how far I’ve come since those days. I’ve since become a runner and could out run a whole heck of a lot of people who look a lot more fit than myself. I also recognize that this isn’t a competition, like in yoga, I need to keep my mind on my own mat.

Stephanie assured me that FIT CHICKS is challenging but I can modify the moves if I need to and I’ve read several reviews from fellow bloggers who agree tha although it’s a tough challenge, it’s also really fun and gained some great results because of it!

If there’s one major difference between the Present Therese versus the Past Therese it’s that Past Therese was so terrified at challenging situations or even the remote possibility of being humilitated that she didn’t do anything different at all and just, well, existed. Present Therese recognizes that with every challenge comes a risk and without risks people rarely become successful in achieving their goals. Now when I discover that I’m afraid to do something I recognize the emotion for what it is, but then I do it anyway. More often than not our fear is all in our heads; we fear embarrassment, we fear we’ll fail, sometimes we fear that we’ll be successful. Whatever the fear, it’s usually our own inner critic that stops us from doing it. And I’m here to tell you that there’s no magic pill to help you push past the fear, you just have to do it. Do it with the fear. Yes, it’s actually possible to be afraid while doing the very thing you’re afraid to do.

And you know? Most times when you start to do it you’ll realize it’s not as bad as you thought it would be. We build things up in our minds until they’re almost monumentally impossible. When you find yourself building up the fear, stop it immediately as it doesn’t do you any good other than to make you even more afraid. Stop and, instead, remind yourself of what your skills are that will make the challenge easier. In my case, I had to remind myself that I’m a runner, that I do bootcamp-type workouts using DVDs on the weekends and although they’re difficult, I can actually do them. I remind myself that I’m not competing with anyone and that I’m there to learn, have fun and get into better shape than I am and that will require more sweat, more work and a positive attitude.

If you’ve never done the challenge before just remind yourself that you’re there for the experience; you’re there to learn! Learning something new requires a dose of humility and an open mind. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and just do your best, you literally can’t do anything better than your best. Recognize your fear but also recognize the learning opportunity that you’re about to have. Above all, go into it with a positive attitude and an aim to have fun and to learn.

So yes, I’m still nervous about doing a hardcore bootcamp workout in front of others and I will definitely be nervous on day one, but I’m going to do it anyway. I want to step up my game plan when it comes to my fitness, I want to do well in the Pipes Challenge and I want that feeling of accomplishment when I face a fear head on and conquer it!

And I’ll let you in on a secret, if you can imagine fear as a thing instead of an emotion, that fear itself is the challenge to get through, you may actually find yourself excited to face it head on.

Of course, I’ll be taking you all along for the ride, I’ll be blogging all about my experiences with FIT CHICKS! I’ll be giving you my honest feedback, my fears, my successes and even offering you the chance to try a FIT CHICKS bootcamp for yourselves when I wrap it all up! Sound good? Great!


How do you handle fear? Have you ever done a bootcamp program? Any advice for a newbie?!


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