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May 7th, 2011

Pipes Challenge – The Wrap-Up

Had my four-week assessment at FIT CHICKS on Thursday!

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I was pretty intrigued to see what kind of difference the last four weeks have had on me. I’ve never participated in a bootcamp type workout before but was also needing some aside from running to increase my fitness and strength and hopefully lose a few inches.

So here are the stats, I’ve actually decided to NOT share specifics as I don’t anyone to compare my numbers to theirs, it’s just not healthy!

We started with measurements (other than weight, I’ll tell you the differential from the first week to the fourth):

Weight – Lost 1lb

Arm (Upper Left/Right) – .25″/.75″ (Yup! My right arm was bigger than my left but now they’re just .25″ different)

Chest – .25″

Waist – Nuthin’ (My waist is the hardest place for me to lose)

Buttocks – .25″

Thigh (Upper Left/Right) – No change/.25″ (again, my right thigh was bigger than my left but now they’re the same).

In total I lost 1lb and 1.75″!

Secondly we did our FIT CHICK Test which was fitness based where we had to do specific exercises, as many as we could, in 60 seconds and here’s where things got interesting. Again, I’ll post the differences:

Push Ups – 11 more

Jumping Jacks – 11 more

Sit Ups – 19 more

Tricep Dips – 11 more

Chick Runs (running from one side of the gym to the other) – 1 more

My fitness assessment showed a much bigger difference, especially in my strength! I couldn’t believe my sit up difference and the awesome thing was that I actually could have done more if it weren’t for the sixty second time limit!

I am really looking forward to the next four weeks as I predict some even bigger changes! Thank you, Chick Sergeant Laura for

Pipes Challenge – The Wrap-Up


I’m late in getting my Pipes Challenge wrap-up out simply because I wanted to get the official measurements in (as I did a sorry job on my initial measurement)!

My goal going into the Pipes Challenge was to increase my strength so that I could increase my hand-held weights by 1-2lbs. I would love to have lost inches but I knew that wouldn’t happen in just six weeks so I focused on the hand weights.

The bad news is that didn’t happen. I’m still using my 4lbs weights and they do well for fatiguing my muscles during my strength training. The good news, however, is that I’ve begun to build consistency in my strength training that I never really had before. I’m learning to really enjoy pushing my limits and making myself stronger. Although covered in a layer of fat, I really feel triceps that weren’t there before and Alan says he feels a noticeable difference as well.

I think I gained more from this Pipes Challenge than just having a goal to achieve, strength training has always been my downfall and I’m starting to not only do it on a consistent basis but also enjoy it as well.

Thanks goes to Morgan for putting together this fun challenge, I hear she’s announcing a fun new challenge on Monday!

Here’s the rundown of my entire Pipes Challenge journey:

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Pipes Challenge

Did you participate in the Pipes Challenge? How did it go?

April 25th, 2011

Pipes Challenge – Weeks #5 and 6

Do you know what’s been unacceptable about this blog lately?

No food.

It’s been haunting me. I wake up in cold sweats, Alan tells me I murmur about risotto in my sleep and chai cream cheese frosting.

I am humbled and ashamed. Please forgive me.

As a gift I bring you, finally, food. I’ll have even more food in the next post!

On Friday I teased you with this:


That delicious, gorgeous mess (which I licked the entire bowl of, I am not ashamed to say), turned into this:


I KNOW! When I saw Angela’s post I knew that it was necessary, nay imperative that I make them instantly. I used a vegan chocolate molasses cupcake recipe from How It All Vegan and then made some simple rum buttercream icing to act as some mortar while I doused these little guys in toasted coconut and shoved almonds into them.

That being said, they didn’t all look as cute. I gave Alan one that he said looked like Krang from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. He was right…


Erm…yeah…I love to bake but I’m still trying to get the hang of the whole “artistic” side of it…

Pipes Challenge – Weeks #5 and 6


Yup, I totally forgot to update last week so I have a two week update here! Both weeks I ROCKED the pipes challenge! Thanks to going to bootcamp twice a week I’ve been curling, pumping, planking (yup, I made it up) and push-upping (another Therese-ism). These guns are ROCKIN’.

That being said, I can’t say I’ll be ending the Pipes Challenge with a bang seeing as I have my 10k on Sunday and won’t be going to bootcamp on Thursday as I’m a paranoid racer and tend to back off on anything that may cause me to pull something. But I am very proud of the effort I’ve been putting into these babies over the last couple of weeks and even if they don’t show visible results next week I’m calling this challenge a win!

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Pipes Challenge

How are your baking skills? Do you have any “Krang” stories?!