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November 9th, 2011

Gettin’ Older

Last night I felt very much like an old lady because I spent most of the evening knitting.


Now, we’ve already established that I’m a fan of knitting but I actually didn’t get around to knitting much after the scarves I made and I still haven’t finished the bag I was making (almost done it though). That changed when Alan and I were talking about, *gasp*, Christmas. Most of the people in my life have everything they need and it’s becoming harder and harder to find things to buy for people so I decided to knit a few things this year. I don’t want to give the surprises away but I’ve already knocked off one project and this is my second project made out of 100% alpaca and is a nice, greyish purple and I’ve been loving every moment of it because the alpaca is so incredibly soft! I’ll be sad when I finish it!

I spent the evening knitting while watching the flick Valhalla Rising.

Alan and I are huge movie fans and are up for almost anything and I wanted to like this movie a lot as the director also directed Drive which we LOVED but you know? It was actually boring. The cinematography was stunning but the rest? Not so much. I wound up concentrating on my knitting and heating my calf muscles.

Remember in August when I sprained my toe and had to drop out of my 30k race? And remember that, in the same post I revealed out excited I was to run The Oasis Zoo Run 10k in September? Guess what?
That didn’t happen either!
Five days before the race I TORE my right calf muscle and it hasn’t been the same since. Can you believe it?! I’ve never been injured before and in one month TWO different things happen. Now, there is the possibility that it was the sprained toe that caused my leg to overcompensate and contributed towards the pull but I have a sneaking suspicion that it occurred mainly due to overuse from training this year. My calves are notoriously tight (much to my R.M.’s dismay) and although I do make sure to stretch them, I think 30k training did not do them well so I am now forced to take a running hiatus. I talked to my doctor last week about it and we’ve both agreed that I’d take the winter off of running completely as calf muscles are difficult to heal. Running is out but I can do pretty much anything else as long as I keep it low impact. I’ve also been instructed to heat it for about 20 minutes every day and stretch the ever liven’ begeezus out of it. So that’s what I did while watching the movie.
I’m not overly upset about having to not run at all over the winter. Although I originally planned to cut back running to once per week to at least keep up my running fitness, perhaps it was just meant to be. Instead, I’ve fallen in love with something else. Namely:

TurboFire is AMAZING! I had wanted to focus more on intense cardio to rev up my metabolism and shed some pounds for the wedding and I found my workout! TurboFire is FIERCE! It focuses on HIIT workouts and tons of kickboxing to make you sweat like none other! It does rely on a lot of plyometrics (jumping and explosive moves), I’ve been doing it low impact to make sure I don’t bugger up my calf again but even doing it low impact you get an amazing workout. TurboFire is no joke but I think it’s just what I need to help tone myself and get some weight off!
Have you ever done TurboFire? What’s your favourite hardcore workout to do?

May 27th, 2011

Scarves Galore!

I don’t think bootcamp ever get any easier!

logo official.jpg

FIT CHICKS Sergeant Laura had us doing partner work last night and it was a doozy! You would think that working with a partner was easier but I give a resounding “Heck, no!” to that one. Burpees, squats (squats and more squats), tricep dips on one leg, football runs, mountain climbers and vicious ab work was all done, many of it made harder with our partners! BUT, partner work is always more fun and we were laughing up a storm, playing coach to eachother and pushing harder. GREAT night! I can’t believe there are only two classes left!

Knitting Happens

So remember several months ago when I said I needed to start doing things that I enjoyed instead of wasting my “me” time and said I was going to pick up knitting again? Knitting and other hand hobbies really help me to wind down and relax. I’m sure it’s the repetitive nature of it but it’s one of the only things that helps my mind to stop swirling and just relax. So I knew that with all the crazy changes happening soon, I’d need to put some serious relaxation techniques in place!

So, I did! I went out the day after my final paper was due and bought several skeins of ridiculously expensive but beautiful yarn and a two pairs of new needles. I promptly sat down, started at the beginning of Stich ‘N’ Bitch and got to work remembering how to knit. A week later I made this fun, chunky tri-coloured alpaca scarf!


This was my first time incorporating different colours, I think I still need more practice but I think it turned out pretty well for my first shot in three years!

Then I got to work on the second practice scarf from the book to remind how to purl and made this gorgeous baby pink, super merino wool long scarf which I loooove!


I think I may keep this one for next winter! It’s so versatile and taught me how to know my knits from my purls just by looking at the stitch!

Finally, over the weekend I finished the last practice piece and this time it was a fun bandana!


This was to teach me how to increase my stitches (I started from the smallest point and worked my way up) which took a bit of practice but I got the hang of it pretty quick. My only issue with this piece is that the straps are a bit flimsy, I wouldn’t tie it very tightly around my head for fear of the straps pulling loose.

Just before I finished the bandana I knew I had to have a piece to start on when I was done so I browsed through the patterns in the same book and decided on Zeeby’s Bag so that not only can I become a master at basic knit stitches but also to start learning how to create blocks and sew them together to create something a bit more elaborate (like a pre-cursor to sweater making) but without it being overly complicated yet.

I think this will make for a fun bag to take to the market for a few veggies or just wander about with!


If you could knit, or you DO knit, what would you want to make the most?

For me, I actually took up knitting so I could make cool bags, I also wanted to learn how to make scarves, hats and mittens to donate to the homeless (this is still a goal of mine).