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January 13th, 2012

My 2012 Fitlosophy

Sooo. This happened…


Yup, a trip to Whole Paycheque Foods happened today. I was in need of a super top secret ingredient for a wedding party I’m having on Sunday (all shall be revealed next week) and The Big Carrot (my local health food store) didn’t have it but I knew that WF did. I admit that the first time I ever went to WF was just before Christmas! I know! Shocking! I’ve always known where it was in Toronto but never went because I knew that if I broke the seal I’d be going there all the time and I’d buy us out of house and home (but with a nicely stocked fridge and pantry). The only thing that keeps me from going there on a daily basis is the price which, like The Big Carrot, makes me cry a little every time I leave the place. *sigh* Such is the cost of wholesome food, I guess.

I did, however, walk away with a great snack!


Kombucha is one of those typical “health” drinks that, on the one hand, I really dig as it’s tasty yet on the other hand I shy away from because I feel it’s overly trendy. It’s one of those drinks that smells horrid and makes your eyes pop out on the first mouthful but then tastes pretty darned good once you get goin’. Kombucha, for those not in the know, is fermented tea and sugar combined with kombucha culture. The reason why it’s so popular these days is because of its purported claims that it helps the immune system, may prevent cancer, and improves digestion and liver function but, quite frankly, there’s no real hard evidence to support these claims yet.

Do you know what else I got today?


A FitBook! Although I recommend tracking your fitness and food with your phone (it’s just so much easier), some people still would rather use pen and paper so I’ve been researching different health and fitness journals to affiliate with as part of the business. I had heard tremendous reviews over FitBook so I thought I’d give it a shot!

Just from flipping through it I am in LOVE! This book is everything that I teach my clients and customers; the importance of goals, writing down your fitness, your food, how you felt after eating and rewards!

The premise is to come up with a set of goals to take you through 12 weeks (which is the length of the book) and you’re then asked to break your goals down into weekly ones. You’re also asked to plan your entire fitness schedule in advance and also break that down on a weekly basis. Each week’s tracking pages are sandwiched between a page where you discuss your goals for the week and then end with a review of the week, where you’d like to improve and inspiration to keep you going. The tracking pages themselves are broken down into one separate page just for fitness and the other for food which includes space for what you ate, your mood, a nutrient tracker, water tracker as well as a space to write down how many hours of sleep you got!

So I’ve decided that since FitBook and I are going to be good friends for the next three months I’d bring you along for the ride! A goal of mine for 2012 is to get to my Feel Great Weight in time for my wedding and I’ve been really wanting to step it up in my fitness regime as well in preparation for my personal training certification. I normally track my food on my phone but in conjunction with that I’ll also be tracking using FitBook. I’ve already written out my entire fitness regime for the next twelve weeks and I’m going to share with you my goals and each week I’ll keep you all up-to-date with how it goes. Not only will I be able to get a great feel for how FitBook works, it also gives me accountability in my goals!

So my goals for the next twelve weeks are:

Workout: Exercise at least 5x per week

Nutrition: Pay attention to portion sizes at dinner (this is such a killer for me, I’m fine during breakfast and lunch but at dinner I just seem to get all out of whack with portions)

Other: Track progress using both FitBook and MyFitnessPal every day.

There’s also a place for stats goals, this is for weight, body fat and any other goal you have. I haven’t had my body fat tested nor plan to so I may change that to total inches lost, I haven’t decided yet but my stats goals are:

Weight: Drop 20lbs

Other: Perform 50 non-modified push-ups (push-ups kill me as my core is weak, this will give me incentive to really focus on core work).

Right now I am just finishing up the 20 week TurboFire program (which I only followed somewhat) but I loved it so much that I’ve decided to try the TurboFire/ChaLean Extreme hybrid schedule to amp up my fitness and strengthen up my body. Starting Monday I will give you my workout schedule for the week and a rundown of what I ate for dinner (pictures included) to keep me accountable nutrition-wise.

How do you stay accountable for your goals?

January 10th, 2012

2012 Goals

I’m so late with this, I know but, well, whatever! Ha!

I’m not much of a resolutions maker but I am a huge fan of goals as I’m always looking to stretch myself and improve. I want to see just what I’m capable of and I’m nothing if not a life-long learner!

So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2012 (in no particular order):


Get Certified As A Personal Trainer


I am super stoked about this! My goal is to write my exam at the end of June so that I can add a new dimension to my coaching services! I already have the textbook, study guide and other aides as I’m not very good with facts (but great with concepts) so I’m starting to study now so that I’ll be good and ready for June!


Blog Regularly


I miss blogging a lot! It provides me with a great creative outlet but having the business has been throwing me through a loop so I really want to make an effort to keep at this as it’s something I do for myself! It’s also going to be essential in my sanity over the year and I love connecting with all of my readers and other bloggers out there so my goal is to get back to blogging three times a week at least (and that starts today!)


Participate Actively In Elevate


Elevate is a new online training program hosted by business mentor Ali Brown and small business marketing coach, James Roche. It’s a year long program designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs leverage their businesses. I am an introvert at heart so my goal in enrolling in this program is to force me out of my comfort zone so that I can fully leverage my coaching business to be the success I know it can be! My goal is to participate fully and implement the lessons given, even if it scares the begeezus out of me!


Have A Relatively Stress-Free Wedding


Weddings are stressful, there’s no doubt about it but my goal is to make it as stress-free as possible. Now that it’s less than a pregnancy term away things are going to start moving fast and if I’m not prepared I know I will get overwhelmed and just crawl into a corner, sucking my thumb! To do this I’m doing my best to keep everyone up-to-date and trying to communicate as much as possible. It also means that I need to be direct in that I am impossible if you throw a bunch of options my way at once so it’s best to do it slowly or keep the options and suggestions to a minimum. It also means that I will have to put my foot down over certain things. I want this to be a wedding that reflects Alan and I as a couple and not some circus where we try and please everyone.


Get To My Feel-Great Weight


With a wedding coming up, getting my personal training certification and possibly some top-secret, fun, blog-related shenanigans later this spring, I am more determined than ever to finally get to my Feel Great Weight. I have never (wait for the double-negative) not been overweight as an adult so I actually have no idea what my “ideal” weight is so my goal is to get to a point where I’m satisfied. I’m thinking it’s another 30lbs but we’ll see what happens! I’ve lost about 10lbs since before Christmas by paying more attention to what I’m eating again and I’ve really upped the ante on my workouts! I’ve been incorporating more interval training throughout my week so I will continue to do that and add some strength training. My workout plan, as it stands, is to start the TurboFire/ChaLean Extreme hybrid training program once I finish my training with TurboFire. This combines the best HIIT intervals and cardio workouts from TurboFire and the best strength workouts from ChaLean Extreme! I know this is going to be a killer combination and I plan to blog about it extensively!

So that’s the plan for this year. I’m really focusing more on my business and the wedding this year (obviously) and everything else is directly related or compliments those goals nicely.

What are your goals for the year?