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June 20th, 2010

Work Hard, Relax Hard

For a relaxing day I sure am pooped! Seriously! I’m going to wrap this blog up and then hit the sack, I need it!

This morning I managed to get myself up around 8am, scarf down some Cheerios and soy milk (we needed groceries) and then hit the old dusty trail for a 10k run! I took it back down to Taylor Creek Park as I wanted the shade. I was a bit slower today but that’s alright, I just went out there and enjoyed my last no-training run day! It was hot out so I added a wee bit of Gatorade to my Camelbak and mixed it with some water as I knew I’d be sweating buckets out there. Whoever said that Camelbaks don’t have a plastic taste to them lied but I’ll take it any day! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I <3 my Camelbak!

When I got back I decided that I was going to stay in my sweaty, gross running gear as I wanted to get some gardening done and didn’t want to shower twice so I just cooled off in the house and cooked up some breakfast for Alan and myself. Leftover pancakes! YUM!

I added PB again for some post-run protein power and some leftover cherries for some fruit action.

I gave my Dad a call after breakfast to wish him a great Father’s Day (I’ll be seeing him next weekend) and then Alan and I headed outdoors to tackle our jungle backyard. The good news is that our tomato plants are thriving! Look!

Very happy to see these guys thriving back there. Also thriving are the insane amounts of raspberry bushes we have. We’ve decided to dramatically reduce the amount of bushes we have to a small area as they have quite literally taken over the entire back garden. But I do love raspberries and was excited to see them peeking out!

I dare say that by the end of the week/into next week you’ll be seeing a lot of these babies in my breakfast! YUMMY!!!!

Alan and I worked for two hours back there, filling up 2.75 yard bags full of weeds, raspberry bushes and rose plants (we’re replacing the roses).

Yup. I’m double gross. 10k run gross AND two hours of gardening gross. I’m a vision…

We finally broke for lunch around 1pm and while I was scrubbing the grime off of myself in the shower, Alan was kind enough to throw together some form of lunch. We started with grilled asparagus!

Moved onto cheese and crackers.

And ended with Boyfriend Soup (he threw in everything from the fridge…).

Very random but it was pre-grocery shop!

We both ended up napping for an hour after this and then finally went grocery shopping!

For dinner we ended up over at Alan’s Dad’s for a Father’s Day dinner. We had a good ol’ fashioned BBQ with tons of salad!

Note: One burger does not look like the others! I loved how my non-meat burger kept it’s shape moreso than the actual meat burgers!

Wendy’s awesome potato salad!

Blue cheese coleslaw! YUM!

Blueberries for the salad!

For dessert, Alan and I bought some Dufflet’s cupcakes and we inhaled them before I took a picture but I had a heavenly vanilla one and was very thankful for running 10k this morning, essentially burning off the over 300 calories I had just eaten for dessert!

I know I promised a hair update but, again, I have to hold off until tomorrow, I am beat! AND I have to be up early tomorrow because tomorrow starts my first day of half marathon training! Thankfully I’m starting with yoga! Sweet!

May 30th, 2010

Welcome To The Jungle

Gotta love fabulous weekends. Especially those where nothing of major importance happens but you’re just feeling really relaxed and generally satisfied with the world.

Yesterday, I scored big time at Running Room! I normally don’t shop there because they’re so expensive but I was looking for a Camelbak and it seemed to be the only place I could find one in the city. I popped into one downtown and low and behold, it was only sale for $30! Then the girl working there (I was the only one in the store, by the way) directed me towards the sales rack. I came out of there with a Camelbak for $30, pair of Running Room shorts for $9.99, a pair of Brooks shorts for $4.99(!), a hat for $9.99 and a shirt for $9.99! Those with a Luna bar and Hammer Gels only set me back $74 taxes included! Couldn’t believe it!

Needlesstosay I was really looking forward to my 10k this morning!

Pre-run I had my very favourite pre-run meal: a banana smothered in nut butter, this time it was almond butter. Alan made me painfully aware of what this looks like but I’m posting it anyway!

Then I was off for my 10k! I decided to head down to the Lower Don because the Toronto Womens Half Marathon (& 5K) was dominating my usual long run haunt. I had a fabulous run in my new gear and LOVE my Camelbak! I barely noticed I had it on and finally had a place to bring my phone. I get paranoid without it just in case I’m in an emergency situation. All of my new running clothes worked really well. It was hot so I took it really slow and finished in 1:14:30.

Afterwards I showered and quickly downed a piece of bread with peanut butter and jam before heading out for driving lesson number 2! Today I had my initiation into driving and banked a curb in reverse but it was a low curb and it was all good (other than a driver heading towards his car laughing at me…heh…). Alan and I are turning into pretty confident drivers though and I look forward to these lessons! Next week we’ll be driving from one parking lot to another! Progress!

I was STARVING after the lesson so we went to our favourite little  hideaway on the Danforth, Sarah’s, for brunch.

Sarah’s is a micro-brewery with also a really nice wine and cheese selection. We decided to soak up the patio scene!

We didn’t go for the booze today, though! Alan had a Harvest Latke which was a latke with peameal bacon and grilled cinnamon raisin apples on top with a side salad! It smelled delish!

I opted, last minute, for the frittata of the day: red pepper, sun dried tomatoes and brie with home fries and a salad.

It was awesome! I love how Sarah’s gives you REAL servings and not mammoth portions! Their homefries are to-die-for, perfectly cooked (not too crispy, not too soft) with the right amount of seasoning. The frittata was really yummy, I loved the brie in it, it wasn’t too strong but you knew it was there! I gave this plate a bit of a salt seasoning as I didn’t have a sports drink after my run and I’m trying to make sure I get my sodium levels back up.

The afternoon has been spent making the winning bidder of Shop 4 A Cause 2 and it’s been hell as the house smells amazing and I can’t eat any of it!!!!

We also decided to tackle our jungle of a back garden!

It actually wraps around to the left and it’s even worse! The garden’s been neglected for years so it’s become quite the job to try and fix it back up. We also had to buy a sprinkler today as we haven’t had a good amount of rain in weeks and our grass is slowly burning to death!

Speaking of grass! We planted grass seed along the left side of the fence last week and look what we found yesterday!

We are very happy grass parents! 😀 Neither of us are gardeners so it’s all been quite a learning experience but we’ve been reaping all the proud benefits of silly things like the first shoots of grass!

While I was busy clearing away some old weeds, Alan got busy planting the tomatoes that our neighbour gave us this morning!

Exciting!!! Our first plants! We also have raspberry bushes that had already been planted in the garden years back but these are our first babies! I’d better get to liking tomatoes more, pronto! I see homemade salsa in the future!

Are you a gardener? Any tips for new gardeners?