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August 16th, 2011

Tuesdays At The Farmers Market

I am having the worst time being productive today! Holy cow! It seems as if all the productiveness of yesterday just flung itself out the window! What is UP with that?!

Toe is feeling a smidgeon bit better. It’s still quite black and purple and swollen but I can walk normally for the most part, it’s just when any kind of real pressure is placed on it it’s quite painful. I keep telling Alan I should be fine for the race on Saturday but then he just shakes his head at me as if I’m in denial.

Perhaps I am. Who knows.

Onto more fun stuff. I really was productive yesterday and finally updated a lot of blog things that I’ve neglected for months! Woo hoo!!! I added a bunch of plug-ins (finally got Google Analytics working) and I even added a new page! I’ve added a wedding section to the top of the main page and here I’ll be updating as the wedding plans progress for a quick reference. I’ll be giving you honest reviews of everyone we end up working with and it will obviously include the ups, the downs, the craziness of planning a wedding. Right now there are just categories and a link to my proposal but check it every few weeks for updates!

Since I started working from home I’ve been able to get around to doing things I’ve been meaning to do for a while now but haven’t had the opportunity. One of them was finally making going to the farmers market a regular thing!


Every Tuesday I bound out of bed with thoughts of fresh, local produce dancing in my head! I grab a couple of bags and a whack load of produce bags and walk the ten minutes to the market. I already have certain stands that I go to for certain things (I bought some nectarines from the stand above) and I always make about two rounds, just in case I missed anything. When I first went, however, I was struck at the prices. I was always told they were cheaper but they were more on par with grocery stores and, sometimes, more expensive! But for local produce (some chemical free and/or organic), I didn’t mind. Thankfully, I can now say that it has indeed gotten cheaper! Today I grabbed three zucchini for only $2.50 and eggplant for $1! Corn is also cheap everywhere this time of year so I stocked up on that, potatoes for only a couple of dollars (both red and sweet) and the best deal: five cooking onions for $2!!! I made out like gangbusters today!

To top off my trip to the farmers market I always stop by the smoothie stand. This guy whips up real fruit smoothies (and I mean real, all he uses is fruit and ice) and I always have to grab one as a treat while I walk home with a happy, stupid grin on my face and two bags filled with produce.

Dinner tonight will include some sort of fresh corn, that’s for sure and I think the leftovers will be used for a black bean and corn salad for tomorrow!

Do you go to farmers markets? What’s your favourite thing about them? Are they mostly frequented by seniors and moms with kiddies in tow or is it just at mine?

March 14th, 2011

Thrive Juice Bar

I have to say that there must be a correlation involving inspiring, empowering women and the healthy living/food blogging community. I always leave a blogger meet-up feeling so incredibly grateful to know such amazing women so when Angela invited us out to Waterloo (my old University stomping grounds) to try out Thrive Juice Bar, I jumped at the chance!


Thrive is inspired by Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Diet which emphasizes a vegan lifestyle utilizing whole and superfoods and is becoming quite the movement these days! With that in mind, let’s talk food!

We were greeted with a warm-up of some delicious flatbread and marinated olives (which I had to keep my hands away from as they were quite tasty and I am a huge olive lover).


Next we tested one of their smoothies, the Sangria which contained fresh orange, lemon and lime juice, pineapple, agave, berry gelato, organic pomegranate and blueberry juice! It was a seriously tasty drink!


I also sampled their Lil’ Green juice which contained pear, apple, kale, spinach, lemon and spirulina. It was tart and tangy and just what I needed to recover from a minor cold!


Finally to lunch! After a very hard decision I decided on the Vegetarian Reuben! This beauty is described as: “Lightly toasted organic rye bread with virgin coconut oil, smoked tempeh, vegan sauerkraut, house made dijon mustard and swiss cheese with a vegan dill pickle and vegan potato chips.”

I’m sorry, did you say vegan dill pickle?! What’s NOT vegan about dill pickles?!

I had to investigate!

According to The One Who Knows All (that being Google, naturally)…umm…it’s not sure. All I can find is that Bread & Butter pickles contain sugar and regular, processed sugar isn’t vegan. But as for dill pickles the jury’s still out. Anyone know?!

Regardless, it was a tasty pickle!


This sandwich rocked! I’m not really a huge fan of sauerkraut but this wasn’t very strong and the smoked tempeh was out of this world! I love anything smoked and it really added a boost to the sandwich that blended nicely with the tanginess of the sauerkraut. And can I say how wonderful the bread is? Nice and chewy! This was a fantastic sandwich!

Dessert was a surprise that Danielle brought us! The amazing folk from Sweets From The Earth, a Toronto vegan bakery that I’ve loved for years and Rivi’s Guilt Free¬†Cookies gave her quite a care package to bring to the meet-up! Check it out:


Can you say “spoiled”?!?!

Hidden in that pile o’ goodies is a chocolate vegan cheesecake which Thrive was kind enough to serve (they just started selling Sweets From The Earth products!) with some coconut gelato.


Before we left we also got to sample some ginger tea which I loved so much I brought it all home, boiled up some water and had again!

Needless to say, we all loved Thrive Juice Bar. The staff was incredible, the food even moreso and the inspiration behind it one that is guaranteed to become more widespread. Until they open up a branch in Toronto (hint, hint) I definitely suggest taking the time to drive to Waterloo and check them out!