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August 19th, 2011

And The Verdict Is…

Since I sprained my toe last Saturday I’ve been extra careful due to A Midsummer Nights Run 30k I was supposed to run tomorrow. I’ve done nothing more than walking for exercise, icing it, resting it and just generally over exaggerating the problem so that it would heal up faster.


(Midsummer Nights Run 2010 with my buddy Mandy)

This morning was my first run in a week. I wanted to give it a bit of a test to gauge whether or not I could/should run the race tomorrow.

The verdict?

My race is done.


I just went for a short 3k or so (I didn’t bring my Garmin) around the neighbourhood. My toe was fine in my running shoes (I’ve only been wearing flip flops all week) and, for the most part, my run was fine. Hills were a bit painful but there are no hills on the course but I still was aware of the tenderness around my toe. In the end I decided that if the race was a 5k or possibly even a 10k, I’d be able to do it no problem. But 30k? I’d be out for about four hours and already after my long runs the tops of my toes are tender and my feet swell up in my running shoes which would constrict my already still swollen toe. I have no idea what four hours of running will do to impact the sprain and, frankly, I don’t want to chance it. So I decided to not run it.

This is my first race that I’ve had to cancel and it’s extra bittersweet because of my decision to hang up my Garmin after this race until at least 2013 so I can focus on other things for a while. But also, for the first time in my racing “career” my heart has not been into this race. I was super excited to run it since I ran the 15k last year and up until I started training it was all I could think about but once I did start training, I just never had a week where I was excited to get out there which is vastly different from my half marathon training last year. I could say it was the ridiculous humidity in July but I’ve been feeling this way since I started training in the spring. Normally the week of a race I have that awesome nervous/excited mix of emotions but for this one? The best word I could use to describe it is “meh”.

That says a lot.

Am I disappointed that I can’t run the race tomorrow? Sure. But I’m more disappointed that I just haven’t been listening to myself so I do believe it’s almost like Fate stepped in to tell me to stop and so I’m listening. I’ve known during this entire training that I wasn’t as into it as I thought I’d be and I didn’t listen, instead I half-assed my training and didn’t take any joy in it so that’s that. If I don’t want to do a race, regardless of if I paid for it already, I’m not going to do it. I know the difference between typical race day nervousness and just not wanting to do it.

So now a new chapter begins! I still have a couple of races in mind over the next year and a bit and perhaps I’ll run A Midsummer Nights Run 15k next year but I’ll be doing mostly 5-10ks and just having fun with it!

Next up? The Oasis Zoo Run 10k at the end of September! I’ve been wanting to run this race for a few years now so I can’t wait to run and gawk at all the animals!!!

Have you ever had to cancel out on a race? How did you get through it?

August 1st, 2011

Friends That Run Together, Stay Together

You know you’ve chosen the right people to be in your life when one of them voluntarily runs 26km with you just to cheer you up.

I know, right?


Shannon came over on Saturday night and we headed out just after 6pm (thus mimicking my upcoming race conditions as it’ll be an evening race). I had expected that we would finish in roughly 3.5hrs but four hours later we finally hobbled through my door. Both of our men-folk had been worried, I felt like I just got ran over by a MAC truck and Shannon wasn’t fairing any better. Somehow my body decided I had enough and I started getting pain in my ankles and knees that I never had before forcing me to stop to stretch a lot more than usual. I’m used to aches and stiffness during my runs and although it sucks I can get through them but this time it was different, this altered my gait and I ended up limping for a good chunk and our pace just kept slowing and slowing. Not cool when it’s rapidly getting dark and you’re in a park…

Mostly I was chatty enough but those last couple of kms were brutal. We slowed right down to a crawl and I completely stopped talking and let Shannon take the reigns on that one and she did her best to keep my spirits up but by that time the only thing that was keeping my spirits up was envisioning my bed. That was probably the most difficult run I have ever gone through so again, Shannon, THANK YOU for doing that for me. I owe you HUGE!!!!

With that said, TRAINING IS OVER!!!! *phew* We’re hoping that my new pains were from my shoes. I bought a new pair a couple of weeks ago and am transitioning into them and that long run was going to be pretty much my last run in my old shoes so hopefully that was the issue and not an overuse injury popping up. I’ll be taking it lightly over the next two weeks and hopefully all will be well for the race. I still expect to be finished in and around the four hour mark but if not, I believe it’s just the roads that will be open to the public again so I can finish on the sidewalk.

But if there’s one thing, erm, two things I’ve learned from training this year it’s that 1) I’m not ready for a marathon right now, and 2) I really do need a break from running for awhile. This body and mind needs to rest for a bit and focus on other things.

Today is technically a holiday but now that I’m working for myself it doesn’t feel like one! I’ll be spending the day getting a bit of work done but will make sure to take some time to chill outside and relax!

What’s the greatest thing a friend ever did for you?!