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January 17th, 2012

I’m All Grown Up!

Today I felt quite grown up! I had an appointment with my bank to go over my accounts!



I’m terrible when it comes to banking. I’ve had the same account since I went to university and over the years if I needed something different I just added the easiest thing I could online. Easy doesn’t necessarily mean efficient OR money saving! I originally went in because I had to transfer my RSP savings that my old company contributed to over the last four years into a private account with my own bank. I figured while I was there maybe they could look at the rest of my accounts and see what we could switch around. Seeing as I’m self-employed now I need to leverage my accounts as much as possible and save as much as possible!

It was a very successful trip! He got my accounts all switched around, I’m saving a bit of cash every month and I go back in a couple of weeks to choose the best way to invest my RSPs!

I feel so grown up!

Today’s workout was “Fire 60” with ten minutes of abs thrown in at the end for good measure!

Fire 60 is a GREAT class! It’s challenging as she throws in four HIIT intervals just to shake things up and my hamstrings are super tight this week! My favourite part of the TurboFire cardio classes is that the finale is always the BEST! The music is super pumped so even though you’re wiped you really feel the need to give it all you got! Chalene does such an amazing job putting movement to music to leverage your enthusiasm (heh, “leverage” seems to be my word of the month – happens when you run a business)!

TurboFire also makes you look like this when you’re done:


You can’t tell but I am positively dripping with sweat! I took this during a break in my abs video. It’s only 10 minutes but they KILLED me today! And yes, yellow is not my best colour. I know.

Dinner was comfort food today, I really wanted some pasta! I had a cup of whole wheat pasta with mushrooms, onions, grape tomatoes, one faux breakfast sausage and 1/2c of tomato sauce.


I overdid it on the tomato sauce but I was finishing the jar!

What workout gets you pumped up and sweating like mad?!

January 16th, 2012

Not An Auspicious Start But It’s A Start

This weekend was quite phenomenal and I have no pictures to show for it!

As part of my wedding plans I decided that every other month I’d have the wedding party, my Mom and future Mother-in-law over to get caught up on what’s been going on with wedding plans and what needs to get done over the next couple of months. I decided I would host it at my house and make lots of yummy goodies just as a small token of thanks to the women who will be doing the majority of the work for my wedding! We had a great time chatting and planning!

So far, we have a venue, caterer, florist and photographer! At this point we just need an officiant and all of the important things are covered for now! Later this week I’ll talk a bit more about how I snagged two amazing deals that saved me almost a thousand dollars!


My 2012 Fitlosophy – Week 1

Today starts day 1 of my three month health and fitness goals using the FitBook that I talked about on Friday! To recap, my goals are to work out 5x per week, watch portions at dinner, perform 50 non-modified push-ups and lose 20lbs in the process!

Now, FitBook also utilizes a rewards system which I LOVE! They encourage you to pick an overall reward that you get at the end of the 12 weeks as well as weekly incentive goals. Over the weekend I decided that my ultimate goal is to get the new tattoo I’ve been wanting for about a year!


Week 1 Goals & Stats

Workout goal: Continue to work out even when Alan’s off all week

Nutrition: No overeating at dinner at least 3 days this week

Other: Set alarm for 7am

Rewards: Get a new pair of pants!



Workouts for the week (all TurboFire):

Mon. – HIIT 30 Class + Upper 20 Class

Tues. – Fire 60 Class + Abs 10

Wed. – HIIT 30 Class + Lower 20

Thurs. – Fire 55 Class + Abs 10

Fri. – HIIT 30 + Sculpt 30

Sat. – Yoga

Sun. – Rest

How did today go so far? Well, I had a bit too much wine yesterday and totally forgot to set my alarm so I certainly didn’t start the week off right! I woke up completely dehydrated so I made sure to drink water all throughout the day. When I did get to my workout I still had quite a sensitive tummy so although I still gave what I could, I had to pass on the plyometrics and burpees!

Dinner was simple as I didn’t feel like cooking! A mushroom and swiss omelette with grilled zucchini and some bread!


Finally, I planned to do an initial push-up test today but forgot until I had finished my intervals and was already on to my strength workout so I will do it tomorrow when my arms are fresh!
What’s your biggest health and/or fitness goal this year and what are you doing to stay on track?