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March 1st, 2012

Gettin’ My March On

I can’t believe it’s March! Ack! How do these things happen?! Didn’t we have March last year?!

Oye. Well, one thing never changes: BREAKFAST! Banana & p.b. oats with a sprinkling of coconut!


Had a killer workout this morning! I did Burn Intervals from ChaLEAN Extreme and then ten minutes of abs. I was sweating up a storm and burned a boatload of calories!

I was super hungry from my workout so I whipped up a Green Monster and added some yogurt in with it so it was super smooth and yummy!


Work beckoned for the afternoon while Alan brought out the power tools and made me a cork board for my office.

I reciprocated with boiling some eggs (yup, I’m a keeper!). I’ve been on a boiled egg kick these days and they keep me hungry for hours so two eggs and grapes were had for an afternoon pick me up!


Dinner was a homemade stuffed seitan roast with roasted carrots and salad (this is of Alan’s plate actually, I had less of the roast).

Wanna trick for great roasted carrots? Just stick ’em in the middle of some tinfoil with a wee bit of salt and pepper) and wrap ’em up, sticking them in the oven for about 45 minutes! No added oils or anything!