The Greatest Day Of My Life (So Far)

Thursday was my birthday. I turned 32 years old, the hottest day in over sixty years in the city and I can safely say that it was, hands down, the most memorable day of my life.

Alan had been spending an absurd amount of time working on our backyard over the last two weeks. We inherited a weed-infested jungle where a garden used to be and decided that this was the summer we were going to overhaul it. On Wednesday, the day before my birthday, he spent over 11 hours working on it because he said he wanted to get it done for my birthday.

While he was toiling away Wednesday night I was in class doing a presentation and didn’t get back until closer to 11pm so I didn’t get a chance to see the garden at all. He assured me that, after a couple of tweaks in the morning that I could see it and that he was pretty sure I’d love it.

Thursday morning rolled around. I woke up and did some birthday yoga (which I highly recommend) and resisted the urge to run out back and see the handiwork that he and his father worked so hard on. Closer to noon Alan said he was going to head out back, finish things up and he’d let me know when I could come out back so I just sat on the couch and decided to relax by playing some Bejeweled on my iPhone.

Alan calls me fifteen minutes later. He sounds practically terrified. He tells me he needs my help as he doesn’t understand how after one evening we got so many weeds coming up through the brand new planters they just installed. His Mom was supposed to be coming over soon so we could run some errands for Saturday’s BBQ (my official birthday party) and wanted her to see it as well so he wanted to make it look as good as possible.

I thought it was pretty strange that weeds could grow up like that overnight but oh well. Considering the weeds that used to exist back there I wouldn’t be all that shocked that they mutated overnight so I bust out in my slippers and head around back.

The weeds I see are these:


And these:


And these:


I also see Alan, standing in the middle, wearing his shorts, shirt…and a suit jacket. The poor guy is sweating like a maniac due to heat but he’s there nonetheless on the hottest day in pretty much our entire lives with a mixed look of terror and excitement.

I look at him. I look at his suit jacket. I look at the roses.

I burst into tears.

Alan looks at me, smiles anxiously and gets down on one knee. He has a box in his right hand. He tells me things that I can’t entirely recall because I’m an emotional wreck but I remember they’re beautiful.

He asks me to marry him, his sweat now mixing with tears.

I’m still bawling. “Of course I will”, I say and kiss his sweaty face. We kiss again. He stands up lifting me off the patio stones and we kiss again.

There in the garden we made for ourselves, behind the home we made for ourselves, we began a life we will make for ourselves.



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  • At 2011.07.25 09:37, Susan said:

    I am so happy for you two!!!! What a fabulous story too. Hoping the wedding happens on a more temperate day 😉 Congrats!!!!! xoxo

    • At 2011.07.25 09:42, Dani @ Body By Nature said:

      Congratulations, I am thrilled for you! What an incredible journey you’ve had so far, it’s only going to get better :) xo

      • At 2011.07.25 09:52, Diane said:


        • At 2011.07.25 10:14, Lisa (LaWeez) said:

          I love it! That’s so sweet :-)
          Congrats, again!

          • At 2011.07.25 10:47, Jordana84 said:

            Congrats again! Beautiful ring :)

            • At 2011.07.25 10:49, Kristina said:

              So excited for you! Love the roses! Love the ring!

              • At 2011.07.25 11:43, Roberta said:



                • At 2011.07.25 12:43, Madeline said:

                  Very exciting, and very sweet – congratulations!!

                  • At 2011.07.25 13:00, Sarah @ Long Legs Healthy Life said:

                    What a sweet story!! You have such a creative future-hubby. Your ring is beautiful, and I’m so excited for you, what a great birthday!

                    • At 2011.07.25 13:23, Lindsay @ Summit Sandwiches said:

                      Beautiful story! Congrats to you Therese! :)

                      • At 2011.07.25 14:08, Jessica said:

                        Congrats to you and Alan, T!! I am sooo happy for you :)

                        • At 2011.07.25 16:55, Brett said:

                          Beautiful ring, beautiful post.

                          • At 2011.07.25 22:04, Paige @ Running Around Normal said:

                            oh my gosh, I came over here because I saw you won my fitness donation, but I’m so glad I did when this post was up! What a sweet story!! :) Congrats – and happy belated birthday!

                            • At 2011.07.26 15:02, Haley said:

                              AAAAAHHHHH!!!! SO excited for you two! Alan seems to be such an incredible partner, and you two are on the most beautiful path together!

                              Lots of love to you both!

                              • At 2011.07.26 20:33, Kristen said:

                                I literally have tears in my eyes just reading about it! Oh my gosh, girl…the only thing I wish is that I could be close enough to grab you and give you a tremendous great big humongorous bear hug!!!!!!

                                I’m SO, SO, SO happy for you both! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!!! Loves you bunches girl and can’t wait to hear all the details as they come about… 😀 Beaming happy for you!!!!

                                • At 2011.07.28 08:37, Anne G. said:

                                  CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the sweetest and cutest proposal! What a guy! I am so so so happy that you guys are getting married! While I only met you guys once in person, you are such a perfect pair and this is just the cherry on top! I can’t wait to hear about all the details of your planning!!!

                                  • At 2015.12.08 21:07, Sdq said:

                                    Congrats!!! Beautiful couple and puiecrts .i wanted to ask the bride where she found the blue dress from..i am in love with that dress if possible can you please tell me where can i find it.Thanks

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