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July 28th, 2011

The End (Of School) Is Near!

Okay, I have to say that you guys are the BEST! Thank you so much for all your kind words of encouragement about yesterday’s post! Seriously, you sure know what to say to make a woman feel better! Like I said, I do still plan to continue training and race A Midsummer Night’s Run, I think I just needed to vent so I could get through the rest of it. Thankfully, my awesome best friend (and now, Maid of Honour) came to my rescue and is going to come all the way into the city this weekend to run my final 26k long run with me on Saturday. It’s mostly a great excuse to drink wine, eat good food and watch girlie movies afterwards with no guilt! Heh…

Secondly, I didn’t get to mention this yet but Susan wanted me to post about what I won at Janetha’s fundraising auction (that raised over $26,000 for Susan and the Moncton Hospital!!!!)! I’m quite pleased that I won Paige’s “Fitness On The Go” package!

IMG_3576.jpg (Source)

It contains:

  • An Adidas backpack (I think I’ll give it to Alan as he needs one)
  • Nike dri-fit socks (my favourite sports socks)
  • A jump rope (been wanting one!)
  • Resistance bands (mine need replacing)
  • A CamelBak water bottle
  • A notebook and pen for logging workouts!

Pretty awesome, eh?! So excited to get it! Both Alan and I are going to work together this weekend to come up with a Get Buff For The Wedding program that we’ll do together so this is totally going to come in handy!! Thanks for donating this awesome kit, Paige!

Paige also gave me a free gift, a new blog to read!!! Go check out Running Around Normal if you want a fun, informative and totally inspiring blog to read! Paige is a personal trainer so she’s right after my own heart!


My final class of the summer term ended last night! WOO HOO!!! Summer classes are always weird. I used to think they were easier than regular terms (I’m sure I had visions of grade school summer school in my head where I did pretty much nothing but art classes for a month) but was I ever wrong! They are extra hard because they squeeze in a regular 12 week term in half the time! The course load isn’t easier, it’s the same as the 12 week term so it’s extra intense with papers, presentations and exams almost every bloody week. It’s exhausting! The only good thing is that it’s only 6 weeks so as intense as these courses are, they go by extra fast and before you know it, it’s over with and you can slump into a chair and breathe.

The was my second-to-last course for my degree! I have my final course starting in September and will be the first time since I started back at school two years ago where I’ll only have to go to campus once a week! This is really going to help me to focus better and get that Honours Degree I’ve been working hard to maintain! I can’t believe that in just five months it’ll be done! I admit that going back to school was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, I don’t know what I was thinking! But it’ll also be one of my greatest accomplishments. It’s been tough, really tough. I’ve bitched, moaned, threatened to quit numerous times (usually around exam-time), took two “extra” class accidentally and second guessed myself the entire way but I toughed it out and the end is in site!

Of course. Once I finish my degree what do I plan to do?! Go to school again to get certified as a personal trainer. I just don’t know when to stop, do I?!

July 27th, 2011

My Training Confession

30k training is well under way, in fact, I’m in the last month and am winding down my mileage. I’m sad that I wasn’t able to keep up with my weekly long run updates as I found them fun but although I haven’t been blogging about them I have still been taking photos during my long runs and they’ll be sprinkled throughout the post!


If you want to know the truth, this training has been a bust and I’m trying not to get too upset about it. I have been running and I have been doing my long runs but, quite frankly, my heart just has not been into it. I’m sure it’s been a mixture of the crazy humidity we’ve been having and the simple fact that I’m tired of training for something. I’ve either been training for a race or thinking about training for a race since 2007 and my brain is tired of it. I need a break.

With starting the business, getting married, finishing school and getting my personal training certificate all within the year or shortly thereafter I think committing myself to an endurance race is silly. Also, to be perfectly honest, running isn’t doing anything for my goals anymore. Constantly increasing my endurance has completely ended my weight loss efforts and is overshadowing the strength training that I’m wanting to incorporate.


Don’t get me wrong, I still love running! I just think we need to see other people for a while so I can achieve my other goals. I find myself making excuses as to why I shouldn’t go out for a run and I’ve taken more “active rest weeks” than I care to admit. I’m just not taking this training as seriously as I should be considering the distance.

As for my long runs, however, I am proud to say that although I’ve been struggling with motivation, my long runs have not suffered too much. I’ve gotten up to 24k and last weekend was the only weekend where I ended up having an impromptu rest week. I was supposed to do 26k and then finish with 28k this coming weekend. The problem was that I didn’t want to run it on Sunday morning due to my birthday part on Saturday so I planned to do it Saturday morning. Well! That didn’t happen at all as we were too busy preparing for the party itself so I said I’d do it Monday morning. Monday morning rolls around, I hop out of bed and it’s raining. And not just raining, it’s pissing rain and storming. I decide to do something I’ve never done and I head to the gym to get my long run in on the dreadmill. I had my own personal TV and was all set to spend the whole morning there. 45 minutes into I gave up. I just couldn’t comprehend spending over three hours watching re-runs of Relic Hunter and horrible morning shows. I hate the gym. So I packed it up and went home and decided I’d do 26k this weekend and nix the 28k long run altogether for training as it won’t really matter for the race if I finish at 26k or 28k.


Part of me wants to drop out of the race altogether. The other part won’t give up at all. I’m at the end of my training, I have yet to get injured because although it’s been hot and I’ve been unmotivated, I’ve been as smart as I can be about it, adjusting as I go along.

Part of me is now scared to do it because there’s a four hour cut off and if I don’t haul ass, I may be forced to end before I’m done and I’d be pissed if I got all that way for nothing.

But I know I’ll still do it, I know I’ll give it my best and have a goal of finishing before I’m forced to finish.

I’m not normally a pessimist like this but, at this point, I just want the race to be done and over with. My motivation for this has been lack since the beginning so I know it’s not the humidity to blame for all of it. I’m actually just really excited to start doing other exercises! I really want to drop some weight and get nice and toned, especially now that I have just over a year to get all buff for the wedding!


I still plan to run while not training as, again, I do enjoy running. I just plan to make it my secondary cardio for a while and add more days of circuit training and continue with yoga to get lean and strong.

Have you ever found that you need a break from a favourite activity?