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I simply cannot believe that my eight weeks at FIT CHICKS is over!

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Eight weeks ago I started my bootcamp with FIT CHICKS and I was Nervous (with a capital “N”)! I had never done a bootcamp before and aside from a few spin classes and a couple of group runs had never really done any sort of “class”. I’m mostly a Lone Wolf when it comes to exercising so a class was a new experience for me.

When the awesome ladies at FIT CHICKS offered to let me try their bootcamp, free of charge, for eight weeks just for my humble review I was both terrified and intrigued. I knew it was just what I needed to add some much-needed strength training into my life and add some cross-training to my running. Thankfully the smart part of my brain immediately said yes to the opportunity and before I knew it I was getting my arse handed to me, twice a week by Head Chick Laura!

Every class challenged me more and more and in each class I was determined to give more of myself. Whether it was to squat just a little bit deeper or start ALL of my push-ups on my toes until I was forced onto my knees I did my best to leave it all on the mat.


Chick Sergeant Laura never gave us the same workouts twice which was great not only for our bodies (we constantly need to switch up our exercises for our body to keep getting fitter and stronger) but also for our minds. I was never bored! She challenged us but encouraged and supported us the entire time. She encouraged us all to push ourselves and explore our perceived limitations. We may have grumbled, we may have wanted to punch her in the face and yes, we may even have shed a tear or two but we always walked away feeling stronger and, more importantly, proud of our accomplishments.

The Stats

Last night we did our final assessment. Again, we got our measurements taken and did a fitness assessment. Here are my awesome stats (as compared to my first week):

Weight – I lost 3.8lbs

Arm – Upper Left: .5″ Upper Right: .75″ (my upper right arm was slightly bigger than my left so now they’re almost both the same size)

Chest – This fluctuated which is leading me to believe that either the measuring tape was a bit different for the measurements OR I just grew a bit of muscle! At the four week assessment I was down .5″ and then at my final assessment I had gained another .25″ so who knows!

Waist – Nadda! Arg!!! How frustrating!!!

Buttocks – 1.25″ WOO HOO!!!! Now that’s what I like to see goin’ down!!!

Thigh – Upper Left: .75″ Upper Right: .75″

Total inches lost: 4.25″

Pretty awesome!!!

Now for the fitness assessment! The numbers will again be the difference between my initial assessment and my final assessment:

Push-ups: +16

Sit Ups: +21

Dips: +13

Chick Runs: +1

What I noticed the most was how my overall strength has improved. My fitness didn’t improve that much probably because I have a pretty decent fitness base due to my running but my strength improved by leaps and bounds! 

After eight weeks and 15 classes (I had to miss one due to my 10k race) I feel so much stronger! I feel tighter in my stomach, have the start of some rockin’ guns and I run with a much straigher posture. My clothes are fitting better or looser and I’m also more confident in my abilities. Having been pushed passed some limits and doing exercises I’d never thought I could do (like the infamous 600 Russian Kicks) and noticeably seeing my fitness results improve, I know I am capable of getting to where I want to be.

I am so impressed with what Laura and Amanda have done with FIT CHICKS as a company. They make challenging workouts fun and you never feel intimidated during class as you are encouraged to work at your own level. This is a bootcamp perfect for people like myself who had never done group work before or are just starting out. Well, quite frankly, FIT CHICKS is a great bootcamp for anyone wanting a good time AND a killer workout!

So, now that I’m done gushing, FIT CHICKS and I have something for you!

Win a 4-Week Bootcamp Courtesy of FIT CHICKS And Life’s Tasty Adventures

That’s right! We are giving away a full 4-week bootcamp so you can get a taste of what I’ve gone through over the last two months.

Here are the details:

FIT CHICKS Bootcamp is a fun, fabulous but FIRM program designed to give you RESULTS in as little as 4 weeks! Don’t let the cute chicks fool you, this is not a “girlie” workout!

Prizing Includes:

– 8 Total Body toning, FAT BURNING bootcamp classes (value $159)

– 2 Fitness assessments to prove your progress (value $79)

– CHICK PACK to set you up for success! (value $29)

– Weekly nutrition info, at home workouts and fitness tips to get you RESULTS (value $39)

– Access to members page with special offers

– Access to 20 minute “High Intensity Hottie” Workout

– A FAB new you in 4 weeks! (value – PRICELESS)


(The ever-fabulous Head Chicks Amanda [standing] and Laura [doin’ some lower body work])

How to enter:

1. For a chance to win, please respond to this post with the location of the bootcamp you’d be attending and what your summer fitness goals are! (For a full listing of their current locations in Canada, check out

2. Additional entries can be earned by:

– Facebook – Liking FIT CHICKS on FB and post your contest answer on the FB wall.

– Twitter – Follow FIT CHICKS or myself (@TastyTherese) and tweet us the contest answer.

– Subscribing to the FIT CHICKS Newsletter at

– Posting on the FIT CHICKS blog at and the answer to the contest question.

For more info and all locations in Canada, check them out at


Contest Rules and Regulations:

Contest runs from June 3, 2011 to midnight on Thursday June 9, 2011 with the winner being chosen on Friday June 10, 2011.

– Winner has up to 6 months from contest closing date to redeem their prize.

– All qualifying entries must be in a location where a FIT CHICKS Bootcamp is currently running. Location must be included in entry in order to qualify. All locations can be found at

– Winner will be selected randomly by myself from all qualifying entries 24 hours following the close of the contest.

– FIT CHICKS to contact winner within 48 hours on how to claim their prize.

So what are you waiting for? What are your fitness goals for the summer (and don’t forget to add your location)!!!

Good luck to all of you, I can’t wait to see who wins!!!


  • At 2011.06.03 09:03, Anne said:

    You really make bootcamp sound FUN! I have always been a little scared of having my booty handed to me by a hardcore trainer (Jillian does it in the privacy of my own home… that’s different!), but hearing all about your experience makes me want to try it!!

    So if I happen to win, I’d go to the Ottawa (Westboro) location to get my butt kicked into gear! It would be peeeerfect, because one of my goals for the summer is to do more strength training and improve my cardio so that I can avoid running injuries.

    Fingers crossed 😀

    • At 2011.06.03 19:59, Haley said:

      Okay so I definitely can’t win because I live on Maui, but I have to tell you how AMAZING your stats are!!!!! I’m especially impressed by the up in your fitness strength and endurance! Keep kicking butt, girl!

      • At 2011.06.05 00:53, Stephanie @! Lungesandlunch said:

        Well hello Ms. McFierce!
        GREAT job!!!

        • At 2011.06.06 10:17, amanda said:

          Awesome results from the bootcamp! My biggest fitness goal for this summer is to do strength training, but particularly upper body work. The Etobicoke location is within walking distance for me!

          • At 2011.06.07 11:27, Amira said:

            Wow, your results are amazing!! I’ve been wanting a good kick-butt strength workout for a while, and you’ve totally convinced me that this is the one I need to do!! My goals are to get rid of the lower-body flab and pack on some serious upper-body muscles! The best location for me is Westboro in Ottawa :)

            • At 2011.06.07 14:02, Lisa (LaWeez) said:

              Way to go!
              And I see they have a location right in my hood (King/Bathurst)… I so need my arse kicked at a boot camp. I need to reduce the amount of it I’m going to have to drag across that Half Marathon in October!

              • At 2011.06.09 11:09, Madeline said:

                Congratulations on your results. I love tough workouts and would like to get a bit fitter before my wedding this August. If I was lucky enough to win I’d chose the Ottawa (Westboro or Glebe) location.

                • At 2011.06.09 17:15, Sarah said:

                  Amazing! Your results are fabulous! Keep up the good work! I would love to sign up for the Bickford Park location (downtown TO)

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