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June 10th, 2011

Friday’s Are The Best!

It’s Friday! Friday’s are awesome! Fridays mean the most possible time before more work!

My Friday, so far, has included a 5k wonderful run around the neighbourhood followed by a refreshing shower and some Spicy Chocolate Peanut Butter Tofu (I also call this my “single girl” dinner as I tend to make it anytime Alan’s working late)!


Alan likes this dish but he doesn’t love it like I do and also doesn’t share my love of chocolate and peanut butter so I tend not to make it for both of us. Does anyone else only make certain dishes when their spouses are away? Sadly for me, Alan came home early and I had to SHARE! The nerve!

FIT CHICKS Contest Winner!

I loved bootcamp so much that I decided to suffer through another month of it! Yup, another month of gettin’ buff!

Anyway! The winner of the four week bootcamp courtesy of FIT CHICKS (chosen by is:


Congratulations, Madeline! You’re going to have a riot! Someone from FIT CHICKS will contact in you in a few days!

June 8th, 2011

“Those” Photos

So? Have you entered the contest yet? Click here to win a 4 week bootcamp courtesy of FIT CHICKS! Contest ends at midnight on Thursday (technically, Friday morning) so get on it!

Ever look back on a picture of yourself and wonder what the heck was going on when you did whatever it was you were doing when the picture was taken?

I was at a party over the weekend and when I went back over the pictures there were a couple of golden gems and since I live to poke fun at myself I thought I’d share them!


So this one I actually know what I was doing. I had too much to drink and realized there were not just one but two pregnant women in the house and that was my sad/defeated look that I wasn’t one of them! Ha!


This is the one in question. Apparently I’m trying to make a silly face but I just ended up looking like I’m made of plastic?!?! I clearly need help.

30k Training Update

The Week: I actually cut a run last week (again). As I was having to move my long run to Saturday due to a birthday party that day (and who wants to do a long run after having drank too much beer?!) but I was supposed to run on Friday. I ended up getting super paranoid about the running, bootcamp and massive amounts of calories I was burning in only 6 days so I took Friday off to rest up but all of my runs were strong, happy runs!

Long Run

The Distance: 16k

The Fuel: 3/4 of a bottle of G2 Grape in my Camelbak (the rest filled with water). Note to self: that was too much Gatorade, switch back to 1/2 a bottle. It was just too concentrated and caused me to not want to drink too much. My tummy doesn’t like concentrated Gatorade although it seems to be alright with G2 but it was still too much while running.

I also brought two flavours of Hammer Gel: Tropical and Montana Huckleberry. The huckleberry was a new flavour for me and I really liked it. It was nice and refreshing and just what I needed 1.5 hours into it! I’m not a huge fan of the Tropical, it’s supposed to have mango in it but it’s not as refreshing as it sounds but I have about four more packs left so I’ll use them up!

Top 5 Tunes: When You Were Young by The Killers, Saturday Morning by Eels, No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand, Road Runner by Aerosmith & Don’t Stop My Now by Queen

The Highlights: I figured out how I got lost last week! I decided to take last weeks intended route backwards and attach a few km onto the end. Turns out the route had a switchback which was what I missed so now I know! Woo hoo!!!

The Thoughts:

“GOLDEN GRIDDLE!!! Maybe I can call Alan and he can take the bus and meet me here for breakfast?”

“Seriously? The MS Walk again? Last year they would budge and I almost rolled an ankle trying to run around them again.”

“I eat 16ks for breakfast.”

“Is it weird to do Standing Pigeon at the stoplight?” (I did it anyway)

The Feelings: This was a great run! The temps were around 17*C and it was overcast which turned into a bit of light rain around the 10k mark and then a bit heavier nearer to the end (the moment I got in the door, however, it started to pour and we had a grand thunderstorm). It was fairly cool so it made for a wonderfully comfortable run. I was feeling great until around 12-13k in when my legs and hips were just tired so I plodded through to the end. I took the time at stop lights to stretch my legs a bit which I think helped carry me through.

The Pic:


Lung Cancer Park? Seriously? How is that supposed to make people feel like they want to lay down a picnic blanket and chill out?! I always feel like I should be holding my breath when I run through here.