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April 11th, 2011

Pipes Challenge – Week #4

This woman is done school for the term! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! *raises the roof* (do people stil “raise the roof”?) I have to say that these last seven months have been loooong and regardless of my grade on my thesis paper, I’m really proud of the work I did on it! So, to celebrate, I took Friday off of work and spent the weekend doing whatever I pleased and whatever I pleased included running, shopping, cooking, knitting, cleaning and reading outside on the front porch!

I’m really looking forward to posting more on the blog, I have a lot up my sleeve over the next few months and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Now, I haven’t only been knee-deep in school papers, no! I’ve also gotten my running mojo back and have started training for my first race of the year! The Sporting Life 10k on May 2nd, here in Toronto! This will be my second time doing Sporting Life and I’m pretty excited about it! I lost some of my running momentum after my half marathon back in September and subsequently took most of the winter off but now I’m back to a consistent running schedule, building my base back up and my body has finally come together for some decent runs these days. What with the weather improving on a daily basis it’s also helping me mentally to get out the door and breathe in the fresh air!

So far, I have three races lined up for this year with a fourth to be determined:

First is, as just mentioned, The Sporting Life 10k on May 2nd.


Second is my big race for the year: A Midsummer Nights Run 30k in August!


Third is The Oasis Zoo Run 10k in October. I’ve been wanting to race this one for a while now, it’s a run through the Toronto Zoo!!!


The fourth will be a half-marathon but my best friend and I are trying to find time in our racing schedules as we want to run it together (we’ve never run a race together before)!

I’m super excited for all of these races but especially the 30k. This is my big goal for the year and will let me know whether or not I want to tackle a marathon in the future! My guess is slanting towards the affirmative but I won’t jump to conclusions! Training for my 30k begins only two weeks after I race Sporting Life and will give me a taste for what’s in store for marathon training! Right now I have the route map on my fridge and I finally understand the meaning that marathoners say when they talk about not being able to comprehend the distance. I’ll look at the map and then get all confused as to how the hell am I going to run that, it’s REALLY FAR! I know I can do it but it’s still quite a daunting distance!

Pipes Challenge – Week #4


Who rocked the Pipes Challenge last week? I know I did! I got all three of my upper body workouts in and today they’re still slightly tender from the pounding I gave them on Saturday. I’m resting up today though as tomorrow I’m expecting my Chick Sergeant to hand me my bootay!

What I focused on during my workouts last week was focusing on the muscle group I was training!

Time and again I read and am told to focus on the muscle group I’m working on. Apparently, by focusing on the muscle group used for each set you are better able to define your intention for the work, isolate the muscle group better and it leads to better results in your training. This also works because by focusing on the specific muscle group you’re consciously telling the other muscles that want to assist you in performing the move to bugger off and this helps your targeted muscle to do the majority of the work which, ultimately, makes it a bit stronger! Cool, eh?

I gave this a shot with all of my strength workouts and the results were that, the next day, they were much more tender. I worked them out a lot more when I was more focused on form and the muscle group!

Challenge Progress Update

So, how’s my progress going? Well, you may recall that my ultimate goal for this challenge is to increase the weights I use from 4lb weights to 5 or even 6lb weights. Currently my 4lb weights only juuuust fatigue my muscles at the end of each set but I know that if I switch to 5lb weights right now I would not be able to get through each set with proper form, which is key. The way things are going now and with the addition of starting bootcamp I think that going up to 5lbs in the next few weeks is pretty doable at this point!

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