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April 27th, 2011

Fresh: It’s What’s For Dinner

FIT CHICK Sergeant Laura tried to kill me last night.

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I’m all for challenging workouts but I’m not a fan of speedwork. I’m built for endurance, not speed so when FIT CHICK Sergeant Laura decided to get us to do a class with tabatas I felt like a five year-old who stomped around because she didn’t want to clean her room! Tabatas consist of four minutes of intense interval training. We worked hard and fast for 20 seconds and then had a 10 second break (which felt more like two seconds). After the four minutes was up we would “recover” for four minutes. Chick Sergeant Laura’s idea of “recovery” consisted of activities like wall-sits, walking lunges, chair sits and other such torture, pretty much all with hand-weights.

I sweat more last night than I have since I started two weeks ago!

That being said, I survived it! I felt as if I conquered some beastly dragon (most likely by chair-squatting it to death)! I never thought I would like bootcamp but I’m quickly becoming a convert! I may hate some of the exercises but I always feel amazing afterwards!


One of the first restaurants my best friend took me two when I moved to Toronto four years ago was Fresh. I do believe I’ve blogged about it before but it deserves another mention because it’s become one of my favourite restaurants in the city! I’ve never really had a bad dish here and they introduced me to the world of sweet potato fries (and I never went back) and taught me that vegetarian and vegan cuisine could be amazing. Alan and I even went there on our first real date!

On Friday I headed back over to Fresh to grab some dinner before meeting up with Alan for a flick (Hobo With A Shotgun, anyone?). As part of their contribution to Veggielicious they brought back one of my favourite dishes: The Ninja Bowl!!! I was so saddened when they revamped their menu and took it off, it was a favourite! Although I have the recipe to make it at home (Fresh also has two cookbooks out), I made it once and it took forever due to the amount of special sauces required for the dish (but, I admit, it was totally worth it). The Ninja Bowl was their April special and I knew I was going to have to make it down there again before the month was out!

I started with the Chi-Spa smoothie (unpictured) which contained ginger, dates, apples, soymilk, banana, cinnamon and chia seeds. I hadn’t had it before but it tasted really yummy for something that looked like sludge! Slightly sweet but also filling!

Next up was my lover: The Ninja Bowl!


This puppy contains salad greens, crispy tofu cubes, sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower sprouts, spicy ginger tamari sauce and a wasabi dill dressing on a bed of brown rice. Honestly? It’s the sundried tomatoes, crispy tofu and wasabi dressing that totally makes this dish. I devoured the ENTIRE thing. I couldn’t help it. It also made me want to take a crack at trying to make it again so we’ll see how that goes down!


Finally, I tried to make room for dessert!


What a delight this was! Nice and light (I usually find vegan cupcakes a bit dense) with a hint of molasses and the delicate lemon frosting really complimented the darker flavours of the cake. I was stuffed when I finished but I despereately wanted another one!

I could seriously eat at Fresh every day of my life. I kid you not. So if anyone at Fresh needs a taste tester, you just let me know! :)

What’s your favourite restaurant?!

April 25th, 2011

Pipes Challenge – Weeks #5 and 6

Do you know what’s been unacceptable about this blog lately?

No food.

It’s been haunting me. I wake up in cold sweats, Alan tells me I murmur about risotto in my sleep and chai cream cheese frosting.

I am humbled and ashamed. Please forgive me.

As a gift I bring you, finally, food. I’ll have even more food in the next post!

On Friday I teased you with this:


That delicious, gorgeous mess (which I licked the entire bowl of, I am not ashamed to say), turned into this:


I KNOW! When I saw Angela’s post I knew that it was necessary, nay imperative that I make them instantly. I used a vegan chocolate molasses cupcake recipe from How It All Vegan and then made some simple rum buttercream icing to act as some mortar while I doused these little guys in toasted coconut and shoved almonds into them.

That being said, they didn’t all look as cute. I gave Alan one that he said looked like Krang from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. He was right…


Erm…yeah…I love to bake but I’m still trying to get the hang of the whole “artistic” side of it…

Pipes Challenge – Weeks #5 and 6


Yup, I totally forgot to update last week so I have a two week update here! Both weeks I ROCKED the pipes challenge! Thanks to going to bootcamp twice a week I’ve been curling, pumping, planking (yup, I made it up) and push-upping (another Therese-ism). These guns are ROCKIN’.

That being said, I can’t say I’ll be ending the Pipes Challenge with a bang seeing as I have my 10k on Sunday and won’t be going to bootcamp on Thursday as I’m a paranoid racer and tend to back off on anything that may cause me to pull something. But I am very proud of the effort I’ve been putting into these babies over the last couple of weeks and even if they don’t show visible results next week I’m calling this challenge a win!

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How are your baking skills? Do you have any “Krang” stories?!