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March 28th, 2011

Pipes Challenge – Week# 2

The end is in sight! I have one paper written and one more to go with just a few more days to finish! I’m far too excited to be stressed!

I did manage to do a little bit more than paper writing this weekend which included getting some new running shoes and even making a fabulous dinner!

I planned to go to the running store for a very quick stop on Saturday for new shoes. I desperately needed them as I haven’t gotten new shoes since last June (I KNOW! BAD runner, BAD!). I went in all excited to walk away with the new version of my trusty Saucony Hurricanes (the 12s) only find out that their revisions caused the shoe to be way too snug for my foot. In fact, I had to shove my feet into the shoes just for them to fit. I was a bit annoyed as I had my paper on the brain and really wanted to park myself at a coffee shop and get started but now I had to get fitted again. Thankfully, getting refitted didn’t take too long and I walked away with a pair of Brooks Ravenna 2s!


They’re darned bright in colour but fit like a dream and had a comfortable yet supportive run in them yesterday. This just goes to show you that you can’t always rely on the same brand of shoe to see you through your running career! I’ve gone from the Brooks Ariels (really bad fitting) to Saucony Hurricanes and now back to Brooks!

Pipes Challenge Week #2


I also managed to continue on with Morgan’s Pipes Challenge! Unfortunately I missed Thursday’s scheduled workout due to a very late night at school and did not have the opportunity to make up for it on Friday but I did do it on Tuesday and then again on Saturday. Today my shoulders are rockin’! This week I plan to do my workout again Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. That being said, next Monday I have a special announcement that will change the Pipes Challenge a little but for the better! I am super excited about it and can’t wait to tell you all!

Catch up on the challenge so far:

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Pipes Challenge

And finally, I know I haven’t been blogging much about food and certainly haven’t been blogging about cooking because, quite frankly, I haven’t been cooking much. With school getting to crunch time I’ve been getting pretty tired so meals have been quick or else Alan has been taking over the chef’s role. But last night I was in the mood for some risotto! I took out my favourite cookbook and found a recipe for Spinach and Herb Risotto and then took the books recommendation to make a side Orange and Fennel salad!

This, my friends, was amazing!


The risotto contained spinach, basil and parsley and I LOVE that it only contains a half cup of parmesan-reggiano and only ONE tablespoon of butter. Much healthier than adding blobs of cheese and/or absurd amounts of butter. It had a subtle flavour, nothing too fancy but still decadent which was off-set by the fabulous salad.


I had never cooked with fennel before but it was super easy to prepare and I loved the licorice type smell and after-taste it had. Combined with the oranges, mint and black olives it had this amazingly complex yet well-balanced taste.


This was a definite win for dinner!

I also noticed the random nature of this blog. My brain is fried from school work, you’ll have to forgive! Must get back to work! Please, entertain me with fun stories to keep me sane!

March 23rd, 2011

Nearing The End…For Now!


Oh my friends, you’ll have to bare (bear?!) with me for the next week! I have one week left of school until freedom and you know what that means, it’s the busiest week of the school year for me! Two major papers are do pretty much in a 24 hour period.

This also makes me the most boring blogger in the world right now! But, to thank you for reading this here are the top five things that are keeping me sane this week:

1. Tea. I drink it whilst I work and it seems to make the world a better place.

2. The knowledge that, very soon, all of this will be over with until late June.

3. That, very soon, I’ll be able to blog about food and other fun stuff regularly again.

4. I thought this year was going to be insanely stressful but you know what? It’s actually been pretty good!

5. Alan. My gosh, his calm demeanor is like my own personal tropical vacation when I need it!

All I know is that this weeks marathon paper writing will involve a few bottles of wine!