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November 11th, 2010

Tips To Get You Up & Off The Couch

I’ve never been one to rely solely on motivation to work out. Motivation is amazing when it appears but, for the most part, it’s consistency that wins out. With that in mind, on those days where I “just don’t wanna”, I don’t think about it, I just do it. I can moan and groan all I want as long as my feet are moving.

But there days when even that is just too much for me and I need some serious inspiration to get out the door. This was the situation on Tuesday night. I knew I really needed to get out for a run as they’ve been very sparse and inconsistent since my half but I just wasn’t feeling it AT ALL.

I had to pull out all the stops and in the end I did a 4k destination tempo run. I needed basil for dinner so I mapped out a possible place 2k away and ran there at a relatively fast pace. Sadly, they only had cubes and I didn’t want cubes so I just ran back home! Voila! A 4k tempo run!

When I’m in this situation I have a bunch of options that I employ to get me out the door because I do know that when I get back, I feel all the better for it!


Tips For The “I Just Don’t Wanna” Workouts

– Regardless of your will to exercise, just put on your workout gear. You’re already dressed so you might as well get sweaty!

– Pick up a fitness magazine or go on some fitness websites and read inspiring stories! On Tuesday, I went on Runner’s World and read several inspiring and motivational tips that reminded me of why I like to run and started to rev up my engines.

– Think about your goals. Have a 10k coming up and want to PR? Hoping to get the last 5lbs off for good? Think about your goal and use that motivation to spur you on, you won’t get there if you don’t put in the work!

– Look to others for help! I asked SparkPeople members to help kick my bum and they did! I received a lot of support, encouragement and butt kicking in just a half an hour! That also gave me added incentive to tell them afterwards that I did, indeed, get my run in.

– If you walk or run why not try a destination run? I do these a lot as an excuse to get moving. I pick a place a certain distance away, anywhere from 2-5k, usually a drugstore or convenience store. I then run there, grab a drink and then run back home. You could also try asking someone for dinner and then running to the restaurant (as long as the dress code is uber casual!)!

– Change it up a bit! Normally pound out 40 minutes on the elliptical? Why not try 30 minute intervals? Or get off the elliptical and do a HIIT session? Or yoga? If you run, why not try a new route or take your regular route and run it backwards?

– Change your playlist! I know it sounds silly but I find that I sometimes get bored running simply because I haven’t changed my music playlist in quite some time. Add some new, fun songs and rock out to them!

– Buy new workout gear! I always get excited to work out if I have new gear to try!

– Take a class! Try something completely different and take a class you wouldn’t normally take, even if you come out hating it, you still moved your body! But you know what? You might love it, too!

– Bribe yourself! I use fancy shower gels as mini-goals that I only use if I complete a run. It’s weird but some days, especially in the dead of winter or if it’s really humid out, the idea of a refreshing shower with some awesome smelling shower gels is enough to get me out the door, done and back home! You can try shower gels, a favourite TV show, a yummy post-workout snack, anything that will put a smile on your face and determined to get through your workout.

– Use others as inspiration! I had one friend yesterday tell me to run for her because she’s having IT band issues and actually can’t run. So, when in doubt, do your workout for those who can’t and would kill for even the CHOICE to workout.

– Finally, some days you really do need a rest day so ask yourself if you’re really in a funk or if you’re actually just fatigued. Sometimes we just need to relax and veg out so that we can regroup and get back on track. A bit of time off will not derail you unless you let it!

So get out there, get sweaty and feel good about yourself!

What do you do on days you have a hard time working out?