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November 8th, 2010

Too Big For My Britches

Sometimes the best laid intentions can go awry. Take this weekend for example when I decided that I was going to try my hand at creating a unique recipe: Vegan banana cream cinnamon rolls with an equally as vegan chai cream cheese icing.

I KNOW! How amazing does that sound?! I spent most of the late afternoon researching how I was going to do this because this, my friends, was going to be THE recipe that put MY blog on the map! It was going to be bigger than big! It was going to be, as the kids say these days, EPIC!


I adapted a cinnamon roll recipe from The Pioneer Woman, subbing out all dairy and subbing in vegan versions. I decided I would add NOT two cups of regular sugar but one cup of regular and one cup of brown to make it BETTER.


I researched vegan banana cream recipes. I wanted this to be thick and spreadable. Pudding-like but not made from scratch (as opposed to packaged pudding). I also researched vegan cream cheese and coming up with very little, I made something up which I was hoping would work.


Yeah. It didn’t. Turns out that rolling anything with liquid in it is just a recipe for a huge mess! As I rolled the dough towards me I was also systematically rolling OUT the banana cream that actually turned out alright (although a little more liquidy than pudding). I kept seeing the massive amount of banana cream creeping towards my gut and dangerously close to the counters edge. Yet I somehow managed to trap some of the banana inside which about half of that started oozing out the moment I tried to cut the log into slices. Picking up said slices was yet another matter, they all started falling apart so I had to use two hands to pick them up, form some sort of cinnamon roll-type thing and place them into the pan. I managed to cook these guys up just fine however lopsided and mutated they wound up.


Oh? You want to know how the amazing vegan chai cream cheese icing turned out? Erm. I can’t with good conscience call it vegan cream cheese. It doesn’t taste like cream cheese icing at ALL but makes for a fairly decent sauce albeit just a teensy bit too tofuy (I made that word up, don’t steal it). But I poured it over two pans of wonky looking cinnamon rolls nonetheless and you know? They tasted alright! Not a total bust but no, I won’t be sharing the recipe anytime soon.


The moral of the story? Sometimes you need to shut the heck up and actually learn to make cinnamon rolls first before deciding that you’re too big for your britches.

And if you’re wondering, however, the regular cinnamon rolls turned out amazing and super simple*. I’ll work on the rest some other time…

* These pictures are obviously of the regular cinnamon rolls…