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May 27th, 2010

I’m A Candy Store

So my “mid-term” taper week is over and I woke up this morning to do 45 minutes of circuit training. I use Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones for my circuit training. I don’t have much time to do cardiovascular activity and then strength training so circuit training is probably the best invention ever for me! I also love this DVD because it’s very challenging! I cried the first time I ever did it but I was so proud that I managed to make it through it! Now I’m actually having to force myself into the more advanced positions and I need to up my weights.

And I do believe that there is a little critter trying to find some good eats in one of my plants! I have evidence!

Exhibit A

It’s still stickin’ hot out so breakfast was another cool one:

This was the rest of my greek yogurt container (about 1/2c) mixed with rolled oats, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, 1tbsp almond butter and then a slight drizzle of caramel sauce on top. YUM!

Lunch was a simple wrap containing hummus, spinach, red pepper, oven roasted Tofurkey slices and some herbed goat cheese.

I had this along with some garlic stuffed olives (anything better than those? I don’t think so) and a Golden Delicious apple. For a snack, I had strawberry sticks (the strawberries were so huge I had to cut them into sticks) and two wedges of lite Laughing Cow!

Then the unthinkable happened. I had a large grocery bag dropped onto my desk and inside of it was filled with the following:

Can you believe it?! I can’t go into specifics of WHY I got this (due to the nature of my job) but needlesstosay this was insane. So I decided to keep only a few of them, I let Alan pick a couple of items and then I’ve told Alan to bring the rest into work tomorrow to get it all out of the house!

This is what I’ve kept, I threw the chocolate bars into the freezer and am saving the candy for the movies this weekend (if even that). I absolutely cannot believe the amount of candy that was in that bag! Everyone at work got a bag so I couldn’t just leave it for coworkers (as several others already did). But I figure there’ll be hungry, hungry men at Alan’s work who may want to get jacked up on sugar!!!

Dinner was awesome! I met up with my friend Mandy at my favourite restaurant in the city, Jean’s Vegetarian Kitchen and dined on their amazing saffron rice with some mock chicken red curry!

Their faux meat is amazing and is entirely made in their kitchen! This curry is also coconut based and so light and creamy with the perfect amount of spice to it. You can’t help but eat the entire thing!

Their saffron rice is SUCH a treat! I can’t even explain it but I do suggest it, it goes amazingly with their curry!

Mandy and I chatted for two HOURS! Don’t you love it when time runs away from you because of good conversation? Of course, we both had to call it a night when we realized that had spent about twenty minutes talking animatedly about cleaning! You know you’re getting old when you talk about cleaning!

What weird things do you talk about with your friends?