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May 15th, 2010

Absolutely, Positively Dill-icious!

I cannot tell you how nice it is to have absolutely no social plans this weekend! What with a full time job, part-time school, studying for said part-time school and working out 5-6 days a week I don’t get much time to just chill out.

This weekend, for once in several weeks, I have had no responsibilities to anyone but myself. It’s been grande!

This morning I “slept in” (i.e., didn’t get out of bed until 8am!) and then decided to concoct a breakfast sandwich that I think I’ll wait on to show you until tomorrow as it was missing an essential ingredient. I now own this essential ingredient and will definitely share it!

Then I kicked back and read some of my required reading for my course before I got to work cleaning the bathroom and then heading out with Alan and his mother and brother for some much needed groceries! We intended to make some pizza at home using a pre-bought pizza dough but it was still too cold when we got back from shopping (the dough needs to be at room temperature) so we opted to eat something I had thrown in the cart on impulse and boy are we glad I did!

Crazy! I know! I couldn’t help myself, it just looked so cool and sounded so yummy!

And one cup of this baby had 10g of protein (must be the egg)! We decided to have it with the last of our vegetarian bolognese and a side salad created by Alan but only to which I suggested one ingredient: dill!!! I love having a hint of fresh, pungent herbs in my salad! It was dill-icious (see what I did there?)!

We’re currently watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring to which I am abnormally obsessed with but haven’t watched it in ages and now thinks it’s positively a shame that the last time Alan saw it was in the THEATRES!!!! The horror!!!! He’s never seen the extended edition until now!

I know that, at least for women, we expect that we can do it all. Anything we want to do, feel we must do, anything we want to do, we feel we can do it without sacrificing something. Sadly, however, that’s impossible and most of the time, without realizing it, we do sacrifice something, and that’s our own, personal, well-being. This has been a surprisingly hard lesson for me to learn and I still struggle with it. Just taking time out for myself, not thinking about anything else other than recharging my batteries and strengthening my relationship with myself. I’ve slowly started to learn how to prioritize even if that means a suckier mark for one exam or skipping a couple of exercise days. We cannot prioritize generally (say, my number 1 priority every day is to X or Y), we must prioritize on a moment-to-moment basis. Sometimes your priority needs to be just doing NOTHING knowing that if you don’t do it, everything else will suffer. Sometimes these decisions will be unfavourable to others but all you can do is stay true to yourself and keep moving. In the end, you only answer to yourself!

Tomorrow’s plans are an 8k run in the morning followed by some gardening and a baking project that I’m dying to work on! I’ll definitely be filling you in on that!

Oh! And speaking of filling you in, I forgot to mention about the “top secret” project Alan and I have been working on and, sadly, I have to put the revelation on hold until Monday but the whole sordid story will be told in full then!